PiMax 5k+ with Vive for HMD for trackers

I have a 5k+ with the index controllers and I wanted to resurrect my old Vive controllers as trackers for use with Natural Locomotion. I don’t have two additional tracker watchman dongles, and they seem impossible to find, but the Vive HMD has two dongles built in along with a USB hub. Why not try to use that?

So I powered up the 5k+, and I’ve got a green light on the headset and Pitool finds the headset and the index controllers. Then I plugged in the Vive HMD through the linkbox, plugging in only power and the USB and leaving the HDMI disconnected. Windows finds the drivers, including the watchman dongles, so I figure I’m off to a good start. However, once the Vive is set up the green light on the 5k+ turns red and Pitool claims the headset is disconnected.

Power off the Vive, and Pitool can find the 5k_+ again.

Can the 5k+ and the Vive coexist at least to the point that I can use the tracker dongles built into the Vive? Has anyone else gotten this to work? I’m using the 254 version of Pitool.

A bit of a followup …

By trial and error, disabling different USB devices associated with the Vive I was able to identify the watchman devices and pair the Vive controllers using Pitool. The component of the Vive that interferes with the 5k+ is


The problem now, however, is that Steam VR and Natural Locomotion don’t see the Vive controllers.

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