Pimax 5k+ with PREPAR3D

Backer 1045 received Pimax 5k+ yesterday
Same issue in PREPAR3D in PITOOL than in PIPLAY with PIMAX 4K
I did open a topic on that AND IT WAS SOLVED.

Pleas epiamx team, solved that issue on PITOOL as I backed up for PREPAR3D Use


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So you are saying you have an issue with the Prepar3D app (on Pimax 5k+) that looks like the same issue you had with the PiPlay on your Pimax 4k?

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Yes, it is exactly the same issue i mention on my PIMAX4K topic

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Did you mean to make multiple topics?


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I though that one was not created . will try to delete it…

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Which headset did you receive & date plz.

pimax 5k+ received yesterday 09/01

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Up !! Anybody from Pimax to solve this software issue ?


Hello! I’m thinking about ordering the Pimax 8K Series. I primarily want to use this for Prepar3d V4.4.
Are there any issues in Prepar3d? It looks like there is something…
In other words: Should I buy the Pimax 8K?

Dear Jappio88

I am a big fan of flight simulation and this is my primary use fo PImax. I did invest in Pimax4K first for that use and was a backer for the pimax8k and I change to pimax5k+ reading the first reviews of the prototypes.
NOW, Lockheed Martin changed its VR algorithm from PREPAR3D 4.3 + which made PREPAR3D useless with Pimax 5k+ amd 8k as there is no response from Pimax to correct PITOOL (PREPAR3D, the most comercial flight sim is not (yet) important for them); althought they did correct the issue for the pimax4k (PIPLAY SOFTWARE) in less than one week. Members of this forum are not helping either because they think that AEROFLY is better and X plane as well. They have no clue. People are using PREPAR3D because the addons are 1000 times more developped on PREPAR3D than other sims (Planes, streaming photoreal tools like World Terrain, - impossible on XPLANE not updating live the scenery-, sceneries, Weather engines, airports, Traffic engines,…).
Saying that, you will be able to use PREPAR3D with pimax 8k and pimax 5k+ till PREPAR3D 4.2. I hope that one day, once the backers are served, once the forum is more quiet, I can post the issue and have an answer like I had for PIMAX4K. ONe day.
It is a shame as VR is optimized for PREPAR3D 4.3 and 4.4, but PIMAX mesh rendering is not compatible.
I had to downgrade to PREPAR3D 4.2 with pimax 5k+ and with a GTX970 and an i7 4 Ghz, it is OK. The FOV of pimax 5k+ is just magic in a 787 cockpit and the FPS are “OK”. there is still SDE effect but the global quality is good. Now I am just asking myself If i should have kept the 8K for resolution but I would have had to upgrade the full PC , I think.

I mean, if you have not tested VR in PREPAR3D, go for it, you will NEVER go back to your sad flat screen, it is just MAGIC and the FOV makes it addictive. I cannot give you an advice between 5K+ and 8K and maybe some other members can help. VR is very easy to use in PREPAR3D. There is a menu where you activate it via STEAM.

Hope this answer has helped you. I hope as well that it will stress more interest to update PITOOL (the 5k+ and 8k software) to make it compatible with PREPAR3D4.3 and PREPAR3D4.4

Welcome to the VR experience with PREPAR3D

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It’s L&M that has to modify their product to support PIMAX unfortunately.

Well, I do not agree. PIPLAY was updated for that ( see my post) and the PIMAX team was very helpful- That can be done on PITOOL. and it is not L&M issue, it is a pimax software issue.

It’s a shame you don’t appreciate how busy the team are these days compared to the p4k days. Game specific fixes may come in time.

Prepar3d made changes that broke compatibility. There are atm more pressing issues that are game agnostic that are likely the priority atm. if you put the same energy in filing a support issue with Prepar3d you might find that the dev will patch the engine.

So instead of trying to insult the community try to put things in the right perspective.

Who knows maybe someone will revise Flightgear code to being upto date & support vr. Maybe your up to the task. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


No it is on both. Now if you want an example Star Trek Bridge crew was broken on the p4k. Before the team was able to evaluate this. The game dev patched it with a fix.

If prepar3d worked up til 4.2 & 4.3 broke it, then it is equally up to L&M to fix as they broke support. Which L&M change created this compatability issue.

I agree P3D is a great sim and Pimax should look into what needs to be done to work on their hmds. However P3D only just broke on Pimax from what you’re saying. They’re on holiday. You might want to give them an opportunity to before saying they don’t.

I’ve flown MS flight sims since they were green gauges on a crt all the way through to P3D and it was my fave sim most of my life. But I kept an eye on x plane. I’m now an x plane flyer. Uninstalled P3D. They develop much faster and have finally taken over in my opinion. Funny how it doesn’t have things like live weather updates yet I fly in real world weather with live weather updates. I fly over satellite photoimagery of my house and still have 3d buildings, trees, roads, moving traffic through my neighbourhood. It’s not streaming…it’s about 100Gb of photographic scenery just for my little area so I don’t think streaming is going to go well there.
I have Aerofly because I want to support flight sims. I hope one day it becomes my fave. That day is a very long way away though.

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Thank you for your answers. I did not mean to insult anybody but i thought the answer was not appropriate. Finnt thank you for your useful inside and I will give a try to X plane. Now, coming back to PIMAX VR, do you think jappio88 should go for a 8k or a 5k+ ?
I cannot read gauges on P3Dv42.


Truth need more folks like yourself to weigh in that are into sims with 1 headse or both…

@voodoodx @mr.uu @sweviver to name a couple could be good resources.

Both headsets are good but more comes down to preference. I do recall a couple of simmers didn’t like the 5k+ that much after receiving. Where as @yanfeng prefered the 5k+ over the 8k in sims. How about yourself?

Well, to be fair with you, I was a bit deceptioned . I was aware as i read the reviewa that there would be more SDE, but I was expecting more resolution to be able to read the gauges. Nevertheless, using a 1.75 ratio, I have the feeling (would have tor eplug with Pimax4K) that the image is more clear. Obviously, what i do appreciate is the FOV.
As well I may not have to change my computer with 5k+, which is a good thing.

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If you look over @yanfeng earlier pics the 5k+ will give sharper pic but guages will be less round. As much as I don’t like the through the lens photos a new set might be good if it can capture the improvements of the 8k. The 5k+ has a crisper picture but as you know the pixels are more perceivable. The 8k has a softer picture but Rounds on the guages will be less aliased. Distance on the horizon will be perceived less pixeled due to the upscaled softness. While the 8k pixel pattern not as good as the p4k. You as a p4k could compare your experience of the upscaled image vs the native 5k+ in terms of 8k potentials.

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Thank you very much.