Pimax 5k plus black screen in game

I have a pimax 5k plus and in game it stops by itself, I find myself with a black screen after some time,
I ride mainly on iRacing Dirt Rally 2 and iL-2,
my pc (Ryzen 9300x) (ram G Skull 16 giga a 3200) (motherboard Gigabyte X570 aorus elite)
(GPU RTX 2080 3 gamers)
(PiToolSetup_1.0.1.254_alpha) I tried different port usb and version of pitool but nothing works, do you have an idea?

Thanks for your help

Are you on the beta of SteamVR? It’s having some issues with Pimax HMD right now. Go back to stable for now

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Thanks for your help !
I am with the stable version or steam vr
but I noticed that it happens about after an hour of play, the lenses close with black screen and the light above turns red,

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