Pimax 5K+: please provide advice on panel yellow glow

Folks with an early Pimax 5K+

In dark games like Arizona Sunshine (mine levels) and Elite Dangerous - do you see a really bad glow of the screens? I think mine has gotten worse recently. It’s around the edges and happens even if I move the headset away a bit. And it makes playing ED offputting tbh. Brightness control doesn’t do much

LMK. Could I replace my headset for this issue?


Yes, my Pimax 5k+ has the same yellow glow. Idk if it shouldn’t be there or is it just a feature.


I think I have the same issue on my Loaner set and that’s why I stopped using it. But it’s only on the left eye for me. For some reason the left eye feels like it’s more ‘reflective’ (I don’t know how to describe it but the edge of the lenses near of my nose for the left eye irritates my eyes).



Fingers crossed, I don’t see anything like that on my 5k+. I’ve seen it on one of my previous LCD monitors, there it was backlight bleed. Is the effect lower when you lower the brightness in Pitool, bigger when you increase it? Not sure what that brightness setting does exactly but I think it might influence the LCD backlight intensity.

Maybe take a picture if you are able and open support ticket with Pimax.


That’s a good shout mate. Thx for the reply. I am back home later this week from work travel

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