Pimax 5K+ P3D 4.5 Settings

Hi folks, I know some of this has been rehashed before. I can’t seem to locate any specifics.

Simply put, what are some recommended settings to use 5k+ in P3D 4.5? I have a pretty robust setup. i9 9900x(not K) OC to 4.5ghz. 32GB ram. DDR4 3200. Auros water cooled 2080Ti vid card. GB x299 MB etc.
I finally got that black mask thing to go away. Now I jsut want to try and get the sharpest image I can in VR.

Settings in Pitool, SteamVR(if needed) and P3D itself. Do I also want anything adjusted/set in Nvidia CP?

Any input appreciated. Mainly looking to reduce my shimmer on the cockpit gages and scenery.

Thank You

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There are a few users whom might have some reccommendations. @SweViver @yanfeng are a couple. Search for P3D there should be others.