Pimax 5k or 8k - what should I go for?

Hi, just some questions. When is the pimax 5k coming out and approx. what price? Would it cope with my rig - amd fx-8370 eight core cpu 4.0ghz, 16gb ddr3 ram, amd r9 390 8gb graphics card? Or should I wait for the pimax 8k, can my rig cope with it? If it can, when will it come out and approx. what price?

Thank you very much!

The Pimax 8K m1 is still in beta testing phase. Once its done, 8K and 5K will be sent to backers (their pledged units). Thats more than 5000 headsets. Once that is done, you can expect a retail release. When it happens, nobody knows and nothing has been said about retail price yet.

One thing is for sure: you should go for a new PC. Neither the GPU or CPU is enough to deliver a good experience in VR, most likely not even on original Vive. Remember Pimax needs much more pixels rendered than Vive Pro.


what rig should I aim for? Thanks,

Is it really that cpu intensive my old i5-4690k(4X3.5ghz) isn’t been use all that much from the htc vive even with suppersampling since it’s all my video card doing the heavy lifting. Which is the 1080ti since i been preparing for better vr for a while.

For sure you will want/need a better gpu.

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The word is to wait for the new 1180 and rumor sais it’s barely better than the 1080ti so the best is to wait on the 1180ti it usually is at least another 15% boost over the none “ti” version but the spec for the 1180 haven’t been tested yet so all you can get is speculation.


The 4690k is far superior over the AMD fx 8380 in games.
A slow CPU will bottleneck the GPU and the CPu doesnt need to go 100% to be a bottleneck. The GPU does not work independently.

Indeed, will most likely wait for 1180Ti before I upgrade my 1080Ti…


For sure, i just let go of the amd a long time ago for that reason but I still thought a 8 core 4.0 even old would fair well lol. @freevil (Sadly 8 core per say still doesn’t really help for gaming i would stay on the 4 core if money is an issue). The new AMD Cpu i know is good and close to intel in software and some time better but not yet on gaming so for gaming i would go for intel still.

Yeah unfortunately single core performance is basically all that counts in games still today. High clocks. And AMD 4ghz is not really intel 4ghz, unless we talk Ryzen. I really hope AMD step up the game soon, bit for now the only reliable option for vr and gaming in general is intel 7 or 8 series hitting all between 4.5 to 5Ghz. Even that is hardly enough for VR simulators…

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Interesting to know about the VR simulators game. All i know is my rig can at least play a supper modded(120mod) of skyrim on htc vive but i’m still afraid i might not be able to run it on the pimax i will have to wait and see. And skyrim even modded isn’t equal to new game in requirement.

For future proofing a bit i would say as SweViver said and i would go for that 8 series intel cpu the 16 gig ram is plenty even for modded game alto you will have to upgrade from ddr3 to ddr4. Usually intel doesn’t drop the price on old tech much and phase them out so the new series is usually better for your buck.

has this step and as we think we are with the Pimax M1 version …
go for htc pro u oculus … hahahaha

Even if you wait for the future Oculus Santa Cruz … you take off your head warmups.

I can not advise 5k and 8k because it seems that neither the Pimax own team currently know what the benefits that we are going to offer.

I hope I’m wrong and eat my words.

Your cpu might be okay. I ran the pimax 4k on an fx6300 with 2x7950 in cf. I later upgraded to the r9 390 on an i5-6500.

I now have a 1080ti.

The r9 390 while great for the 4k model will not do well if at all on the 5k/8k.

I would upgrade the gpu to min 1070 or Amd equivalent. But would rec a 1080 or equivalent so your not at a min spec.

As for which headset? Both 5k & 8k use the same input resolution so hardware requurements are identical



Now this article shows a giid deal on amd but would not go this low for a pimax 5k/8k. But shows how low you can go on am Oculus with decent results.


Potentially, NEVER. During the Kickstarter, Pimax said that the 5K was a special version, which would not be released for retail sales. The 8K has the same effective res (2560x1440), stretched to 4K screens. The 8KX also might not be released retail, but will have two 4K panels running a full “native” res.


I believe the 5k was Kickstarter Exclusive. I don’t think it will be retail

Personally, I think there’s a chance that Pimax would release the 5K as an economy or business version.

What I’d really like to see is a version of the 8KX with a scaler chip, which could run at full native (4K) res, as well as 2560x1440 and 1920x1080 and maybe a few other resolutions, so that you could pick whatever res worked best for a particular game and your GPU.


I don’t really think that’s true Martin, my Ryzen 7 1700 treats VR just fine with my 1080 Ti.

Granted it is overclocked but even without overclocking all games run just fine.

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Same here but with Zen 5 1600 clocked @ 3.8g and 1080 Ti.
But we have to remember that with the 5k/8k we will have more pixels to render so we will surely have to upgrade if we want to keep high fps.


The only consumer device Pimax has said that they are going to release is the Pimax 8k, nothing else

For Ryzen 1xxx series there is only the need to have fast RAM with low CL to fix latency and to get boost on all cores overclock. For Ryzen 2xxx series the latency is on par with the Intels especially with fast RAM and then you get more cores for the money, the improved boosting is also included and the upgrade path looks very promising.
I’d strongly recommend 8 cores for new system builds for VR.
For GPU look for minimum FPS in full 4K resolution 3840x2160 in reviews. That’s approx 10% more than what a Pimax 8k/5k will need. (2x 2560x1440).
You need all the money for a Vega64 or GeForce 1080Ti depending on your preferences, better wait for upcoming GPU releases, there will be some before you can get a Pimax 8k for sure.

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[quote=“mazi, post:18, topic:7120, full:true”]
For GPU look for minimum FPS in full 4K resolution 3840x2160 in reviews. That’s approx 10% more than what a Pimax 8k/5k will need. (2x 2560x1440). [/quote]
That is (unfortunately) likely to be an underestimate of what’s needed. Since 3D rendering needs 2 separate views, a wider FOV, and super-sampling (to deal with the non-linear warping required to project the image onto the screens), expect your framerate to be 1/2 to 1/3rd of the 4K monitor framerate.

Ideally, you’ll want a system that has a 4K framerate of 160 to 270 fps. I plan to settle for an 1180Ti, but will probably want to upgrade again, as faster GPUs become available.

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No, I think it’s not.

Super sampling is not as important as for 1st gen headsets, it will rather be luxury than necessity for the 8k. And then you forget VR rendering optimization in batches and shading, post processing.
Finally there is the minimum recommendation of a GTX 1070, your claim is far fetched and way off… IMO

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