Pimax 5K+ M2 will have distorsion?

Hello, rumors from spanish people that have already tried 5k m2 told that it have distorsions, so i fear and i’m reluctant to preorder without any confirmation about… Who are the spanish guys that have already the visor m2? Can someone explain me about their word? Thanks

There is distortion on the sides for both 8 and 5. But when using normal FOV (150 FOV) it’s almost gone

Of course they have distortions, it is a common knowledge by now.

PS Can’t wait to get mine already. It will be so awesome!

Yeah it has distortion.

Other news you may find interesting: the earth is not flat.


ahahahah so i can see the earth in the visor?

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Yes and KG-348 if you dare to come out of the closet. :grin:
(edit. The double-joke/pun might have lost in downscaling process, though any hc Alien fan might get the :bulb::face_with_hand_over_mouth:)