Pimax 5k+ leap motion

Can anyone tell me if there is a way to link leap motion and the 5k+? :slight_smile:

With an adapter you can plug it unto one of the usb-c ports on the headset.

The software that runs the original leap motion should work. Driver4vr also has an easy to use interface for setting up leap motion.

I know @MarcoBalletta & @g-coded were discussing things like that & may know.

The Handtracking module is a leap motion v2.0

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I tried using the leap motion with d4vr, but I was getting the ‘laser pointer’ coming from my hmd while somewhat following my hand. I may have needed to recalibrate it, and I didn’t try any native leap supported games to see if it was just d4vr that was giving the offset tracking.

With an adapter you can plug it unto one of the usb-c ports on the headset.
I have an adapter, but would not want to use it long term as it could put a lot of stress on the port. There are better adapters available, but not many choices to go directly from leap motion to Pimax.

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I have the same issue as u :frowning:

Our hands are there but offset


At this point I think if the problem is pimax - driver4vr compatibility related , because nothing works .

Can anyone else with a pimax and a leap sensor try please ?

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The leap sensor works great In pimax home . The range covers the full fov of the pimax 8k.

The problem raises when using driver4vr leap option.

I tried leap driver for steamvr and for whatever reason the range of the leap is 120 degree maybe. No idea why.

I want to try the driver4vr with leap because I want to use my captogloves as input in steamvr

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I was just about to ask if you’ve tried the leap motion with any native lm supported games. I’ve tried a couple ‘leap to vive’ plugins, but they are outdated and no longer work with current SteamVR builds.
It would be awesome(and probably help sell units) if Pimax made a driver to emulate Vive/Pimax controllers(collision/grab) using the upcoming leap motion addon.

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Why the pimax 8k is not working with driver4vr? @PimaxUSA :frowning:

@g-coded I would love if pimax would do with their leap motion what u just said.

In the meantime we wait for pimax leap motion module , i would be happy if pimax fix their compatibility with driver4vr.

I ahem tried this solution and works with the pimax


  1. the range is just 120 degree or so

  2. I want finger tracking with my own finger gestures assigned to keystrokes for vive controller 's actions , this is why I wish driver4vr would work

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I have tried this Leap Motion driver, when it did work, I was getting crashes. It sounds like you are just trying to get positional tracking for your hands. I’m guessing you’re not wanting to invest in trackers? I tried a KinectV2 with the d4vr, but this caused tracking issues, and this would only work for front-facing tracking. There is also the possibility of using PSMoveService with colored led hand tracking. I’m not sure if this is possible, as I haven’t used this in a while(but was using a led hmd tracker successfully).

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The og leap motion does have a more limited fov than the v2.0.

I would reccommend also contacting Greg at Driver4vr as he is very approachable. @LukeB contacted him about xb1 Kinnect support & was not long after he added it.

I have 7 vive trackers . How do you assign wasd to vive trackers and have also finger tracking?

The reason why i wish driver4vr works is that because i need finger tracking and assign to my finger gestures , vive controller’s button.

I am in contact with Greg that does not have an answer to the problem yet.


For the range of leap, how come the leap motion module that I have has got the full 8k field of view in pimax home ? It is not 120, it is the whole pimax fov.

In steamvr through leap driver to steamvr it gets somehow limited

Not sure might be some kind of compensation maybe? As the hand module is leap v2.0

Truthfully the leap v1.0 shouldn’t show beyond it’s sensor’s fov

In pimax home this obsolete leap module looks great on the big pimax fov

Whatever pimax does to it in pimax home, makes it work great

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Sorry to bother you.
Greg came up with this (hopefully working) temporary solution .

you might try temporary solutino using OpenVR-InputEmulator and play with DriverFromHead Yaw angle for each controller.”

Do you have any experience with this sort of setting?

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Has anyone had it work in the experience with the hand orientation working?

Unfortunately I don’t have experience using it. @Evol might though.

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Ok. Thanks for the reply!

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What do you mean by “the experience” ?

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I haven’t use openvr input emulator

Sorry, my comment was about this

“Has anyone had it work in the experience with the hand orientation working?”

asked by @Katie

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