Pimax 5k latency and input lag problem

hi all. my spec i7 7700k and 2080. on acc i can do 120fps at 120 hz without reprojection. but in race the fps go down to 65 70. the same result with 90 hz. 90 fps in single player and 65 in race. but the input lag and latency increase. is only my problem or this is a real problem for racing simulator?

we need some more information. What game? What are your steam render settings? Have you tried changing the priority on your game to high in task manager?

The only game I have inputlag, is contractors. And only when I have brainwarp activated.

assetto corsa competizione. steam vr is setting to have the rnative resolution of pimax about 2560x1440 per eye. the priority i don’t change anywhere. do you use a assetto corsa competizione?

the biggest problem is the input lag for competition.

I have the original Assetto Corsa. Try changing the priority of the game in Task manager to high and see if that helps. @Heliosurge any suggestions?

Bump me later on this. At work atm.

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Too few cores on a 7700k for maintaining higher FPS in complex computing demands as racing with many competitors while calculating VR.

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I solved it locking the framerate limit on 60. Now the rotation and the start input are exactly sincronized with real wheel and virtual wheel. The 7700k is still a good cpu but assetto corsa competizione is so heavy for actual pc.