Pimax 5k+ in X Plane 11

I have a very big problem with Vr and X Plane 11.
I got a Pimax 5k+ headset.
Some months ago, when I start to use VR+XPlane, the GUI and the simulation looks off-center with the VR headset settings I got in another flight simulations.
I must to put the IPD (Inter pupilary distance) to 50 (the lower value possible) and I can see it better but not much.
Now, with the upgrade to XPLane 11.50, the image appears more off-center. The same problem but worse.

I only can view clear the cockpit (cause it`s more near) but the exterior is difficult to view. I must cross my eyes to view.

I can’t put the IPD more lower than 50 in PiTool.
In DCS World and Prepar3d with IPD to 56, It works perfectly.

I have reinstalled Xplane again but the problem continues.
I know more people with the same problem.

Any ideas?

Can you post your specs?

Do you have Paralell Projections on? If not try turning it on. Just remember to restart steam


X-Plane (and some games) needs Parallel Projection on :wink:

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Yes… I put the “compatible with parallel projections”, and X-Plane 11 works fine.
Thank you very much.
But some things happen.
The LED next to the button On/Off, Always in colour red or green, now is cyan color.
And the blue light strip on the front is now flashing… not fixed.
The Prepar3D works fine too.
DCS World made a big stuttering, but I’m not sure it’s a problem with the headset.
I will try the DCS again with the “compatible with parallel projections” in OFF.

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That is normal with PP on.

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The first time you try a game, set PP off. If you experience this image shift, set PP on.
Don’t use PP on games that don’t need it, this function uses a lot of resources and causes fps drops.


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