Pimax 5k+ Frozen with Solid Blue Light on Front of HMD

Sometimes I start up the Pimax 5k+ and it gets stuck on a Solid Dark Blue light on the front of the HMD and then it won’t load up in the PiTool software. I have to restart the computer to get it working correctly.

Anyone have a similar bug?

I’m on PiTool .91

You might try opening task manager and killing the following processes: pi_server.exe and PiServiceLauncher.exe instead of restarting and then reopen Pi Tools and see if that works.

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Haven’t seen this, doesn’t sound too good at all if you ask me

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Thanks for that. I’ll try it next time it happens

it seems on your HMD the IMU Calibration is also broken…today i figured out that you get out of this screen after turning the pimax around all axis several times

I dont understand what you mean?

Usually if i rotate the headset a bit in front of the light houses it detects the lighthouses in pitool. But the headset itself doesnt get detected by pitool sometimes and the blue light stays solid blue when that happens. As if it freezes

ok sorry, i had misread this… thought you mean the grey/blue screen inside… this is what i get regularly.

in your case you could try to reset the hmd by pressing all three buttons at the same time for few seconds

Yes, I forgot I can press down all 3 buttons. I tried to press just the power button down to shut it down, and sometimes when the blue light is solid, the power button doesn’t even do anything and I have to unplug the headset. I’ll try to hit all 3 buttons next time to see if it fixes that.