Pimax 5k BE Shipping dates for Kickstarter Backer?

Like the title say, what is the status for shipping The 5k BE units to the Backers?



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that is nice, except that is not clear at what stage those units are.

We probably won’t know until they’re done

It is such a sheet show. Thankfully, I will be getting the HP reverb in a few weeks

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i like that red hat!

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Thx! I made it myself… in a hat generator, haha :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hehe, nice work SIR!

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Please check your private message box

Any update for me? Backer 2390… waiting since 2017 THANKS!

somebody in Pima Reddit made a thread that he got his BE today. Lets hope we all get ours soon

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do you have a link maybe?

I got mine yesterday also. But here is a link to a reddit post i found


and do you like the oled version?

Oh yeah! Is really fantastic! I am very happy with the BE choice over the 8K


Today I’ve got my “order dispatched” email from a parcel deliverer in the UK for my Pimax 5k XR headset.

Two days before a possible hard brexit. Quite the timing, Pimax!

I dont think Brexit will happen, The Prime Minitser is stalling it.

I got my XR/BE before my email notice lol

The extension of the brexit process does not depend on the decision of May, but of the EU.

ah then Brexit will never happen. The EU certainly is trying to undermine it. I hope that situation can be sorted out for the benefit of the people ASAP. Maybe bring back Magna Carta also?