Pimax 5k BE Oled Panel: Without any news....SOS!

Hello, I am desperate, I have written three times to Pimax and I do not receive an answer, I am a kickstarter baker of a Pimax 5k BE OLED PANEL unit, I have financed it and paid in full since November of 2017, I do not have the product and I have no answer to my numerous emails, what are you doing with me and why ???

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Have you looked on the backer tracker for details also I would send Dallas a private message not an email, I’m sure he will respond. Hope you get sorted soon.

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Most people with the 5K XR are being kept in the dark atm. Last news was “All units would be shipped by 30th March.” Guess that’s China’s April fools day.

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Yeah it’s seeming that way haha

Mine is comjng tomorrow

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I’m waiting for my 5K BE pre-order P121970 from November! Latest update is from 25 mars “Shipped from factory” but when I wrote a ticket to support I got the status “Order issue”?? What does that mean? Would be nice with further info pls

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Thank you very much to all my colleagues for trying to help me, Dallas has written me asking me all the information about participation in Kickstarter, I have provided all the data, I have not returned to have an answer.

Pay on the 3rd of November 2017 the amount of 396 dollars, later pay another 200 dollars when they offered the possibility of changing to the 5k Be oled model, we are two businesswomen that we need this hmd to demonstrate contents of home sales to our clients, we want the oled panel to represent our architecture projects, this delay is creating problems in our business, it is incredible that the last three times I have written to Pimax I have not received any kind of response.

In the last months I have answered two surveys to confirm data and I have not yet received the hmd pimax 5k be oled panel nor any kind of response or explanation.

This situation is very regrettable.

Please Mr. Dallas would be so kind to answer my requests ???.


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Same problem here (also backer that changed to the 5K Be). I am part of a small Indie VR game development team and without the headset we are unable to optimize/build our game for the headset. At some point this might no longer be possible and this is really frustrating!

You could contact developer@pimaxvr.com and see what your options are.


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I just walked outside this morning and saw my pimax BE sitting on the step. No notifications that it had shipped.


Woah… what country?

edit: can see you’re in the US. what backer # roughly were you?

lets us know what you think of it…

I was in the double digits

I got mine yesterday- U.S.

Out of curiosity how does Pimax expect to hold you accountable if it’s stolen. They don’t even tell you it’s coming so if someone would’ve stolen it from your step there’s absolutely no way you could know.

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