Pimax 5k BE; Oled or not.. Confused

Hi, I have bought 2 two headsets. One 5k+ Plus and one 5k BE (intended to sell the one I dont like).

But to my eyes they are identical, same black level and SDE and both reporting 90Hz to Pitool.

Are my BE not OLED?
Have downgraded the BE to 109 and FW but no differens.

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Some one will correct me if I am wrong, BUT,
I think the BE got renamed to RE, both have the same panel as the 5K+
The one with the OLED is the 5KXR.

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And I am aware of the black smear issue, that’s the reason for the downgrade.

If you got the BE its not OLED. the only Pimax HMD that is OLED is the XR

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Soo, this is not true?

And I can give you many more…

Yes you could be wright, but on there site it is only showing 5K+ 5K XR and 8K,
It gets confusing as the BE was re named the RE Rugged edition at one point.

But if your two HMD are showing 90Hz then they are 5k+ hmd, The XR is 85Hz


The BE became the XR and both are OLED. Make sure Pitool 180 is used as you get black level options for the XR. BE never became the RE or was related to it in any way.

RE is a highly ruggedized design that has many, many different parts and no-one outside our testing groups have RE’s.


180 Beta is what I am using now. And the Pitool reports 90Hz as an option. Something is wrong…

perhabs you didnt receive a pimax xr . you got two units of the 5k plus unfortunately …

But Pitool also reports the headset as BE. Strange?
And the label says 5k Plus, model P2. And it has the BE logo.

That is indeed strange. If it thinks 90hz is available it isn’t OLED. I suggest you create a ticket so we can swap in an XR.


I agree and I will.

Pimax BE/XR runs in 82Hz. Also, the difference in black levels between 5K+ and 5K BE/XR is very noticeable, so you wouldnt miss it at first sight :slight_smile: So unfortunately, you have most likely got a 5K+ unit by mistake.

Have you got your ticket followed up yet? If not, please let me know!


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If you like surprises, then you should buy a Pimax headset. You’ll never know wat’s in it!

The same name on different products, is a confusing, but fun game.:wink:

Turns out that they sold the BE with LCD panels in an early stage.

So, when I bought the BE headset, convinced that it was OLED from all the reviews online, I was wrong. Going to sell these really cheap and never look at a Pimax product again.

Sorry that I’m harsh, but doing this to prevent others repeating my mistake.
Probably going to be banned for this, but I will not hold my mouth shut about this company.

Where did you buy it…?

It was bought from Pimax Technology in Shanghai, but I bought it second hand with a receipt.

This is a special edition they tell me, but stills says 5k BE P2.