Pimax 5k + / 8k prescription lens adapter STL

3D printing data file has been created.

please download it.

The video of how to install is here.

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Very good idea, but may have to test more about eyelash. I notice from the gap between lenses and prescription lens.

You’re a legend. I have to get the lenses from that site you linked right? Don’t remember what it was called

It’s a just a bit too big for my print bed. Could you break it into two halves that ‘snap’ together? If so, that would be awesome!

This is great, I haven’t used my Pimax yet because I have been afraid to scratch it. This is just what we needed until Pimax gets their adapter out. Thanks!

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it’s here.

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I have an idea. Wait a moment.

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Can you upload to a site like Thingverse? It lets those of us without a 3D printer order something printed by someone else.

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I’m on hold. My corrective lenses will cost at least 150 euro. When we get original Pimax vr frame this lenses for this STL adapter will not fit, so that’s mean for me additional expense of 150 euro .

I printed the adapter, and it looked like it would work. It was just a little too flimsy for my taste. I ended up using the glasses with the below modifications, and it works really well.

This was definitely inspired by the 3d printed solution.