Pimax 5K -> 5K+ questions

Hi, backer of 5K here, from beginning of KS campaign, i thought that 5K was/is the ‘sweetspot’ (due to no upscale chip mostly).
Great news for new 5K’+’ made available for all 5K backers.
I’d like to have more intel on what’s going on here…
What are the real differences? Ok there’s a ‘+’. What about :
-Screen resolution (asking nonetheless, it’s Pimax don’t forget)
-utilization percentage,
-sub pixel arrangement,
-CPLP tech or not,
-scaler chip in it or not

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5k+ is the same as the 5K except that the LCD panels are smaller, but with same resolution(1440P). It wastes less of the screen and decreases SDE a bit. No news on subpixel arrangement or exact utilization of any of the 5K/5K+/8K.

I’d guess the subpixels probably look like any other LCD panel [either fixed grid or some columns slightly shifted vertically). Take a look at Notebook Check’s laptop reviews as they always image the subpixels. There’s really only a handful of types.