Pimax 5k, 5k+ and 8k Leap Controller mount mold


I want to make a mold to 3d print a mount for the front side of the HMD to velcro the leap controller.
I’m having a hard time figuring out the front outside angle of the hmd. Is there a spec sheet somewhere with external dimentions?
Figuring it out with a ruler and trigonometry might not be that accurate.

Technically, you could make a mount for the OG Leap Motion controller. However, it seems a bit impractical since they created a fully functional custom-designed version of the v2 Leap Motion controller for the Pimax 5/8K. It is better in pretty much every way compared to the OG (higher FOV, better tracking, etc). It was $100 during the KS and I expect it would be ~$150 retail.

That being said, if you already have the OG and don’t want to buy the new version you can measure the angle using a protractor and a straight-edge (ie a ruler).

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I’m aware of the leapmotion accessory, but it seems to me that it will take way too long to see something available to order. I did not request it upfront so now I need to wait for them to first send out the base stations and controllers, then send out the rest of the accessories, send out all the leapmotion addons for the ones who added them in the initial pledge and then… pre order it to receive it… who knows when! Probably around Christmas or even later.

So I thought to use my own leap motion controller mounted on a 3d-printed base. Right now I just velcro the leapmotion below the hmd in front of my nose. Thought to make the extra step and make it mount in the front of the headset like the vive or the oculus.

I am aware of the protractor+ruler way. But I was hoping for a more accurate solution.
I will eventually go with that if no dimention schematics are available.

AFAIK they have never released any dimension schematics. All the 3d-printed parts people have been making were based off caliper measurements, etc.