Pimax 4K with RTX cards


Anybody using an RTX card with the Pimax 4K? Strangely, searing this forum for “RTX” only returns 1 post.

I’ve got a Pimax 4K, a GTX 970, Asus VG278H 1920 display. I am thinking of upgrading to an RTX 2070 card. Good thing I checked the connectivity, because I think there will be a problem.

The display only had VGA, DVI-D and Displayport 1.4. l current GTX 970 has a DVI and a DVI port. So my current connections are GTX970 DVI -> display DVI, Pimax 4K HDMI -> GTX970 HDMI.

Now, it seems that all the RTX cards, from the 2070 to the 2080Ti only have one HDMI port, which will supposedly go into the monitor. Then I am left with nowhere to plug my Pimax. There seem to be a lot of HDMI to DP converters on Amazon, from 5€ to 10€, but all limited to 1920 resolution. So I guess plugging a Pimax into one of these is not a good idea, is it? So it should be:
RTX DP -> converter -> display HDMI.

This should work, right? Anyone has experience with such adapters, will it reduce graphical quality on the display?


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I don’t have one. But your p4k will need the hdmi & others like monitor will need adapters to use on dp.

The p4k in past hasn’t liked dp2hdmi adapters req native hdmi port.

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