PIMAX 4K VR headset goes unresponsive when I try to play 4K 180 SBS video

Hello,I just received Pimax 4K and I am trying to play 4k 180 SBS video in Pimax 4k and tried almost all available players like DeoVR Video Player, Simple VR video player but headset and these players got unresponsive with 4K files only, Also tried few other players Skybox VR Video Player and Mermaid VR but I just can’t select anything in those and look alike they are not supporting my Nacon Revolution 2 controller. I have Asus rog gaming laptop with GTX 960M | I7 6700 | 16 GB RAM etc. Am I missing something?

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Your GPU 960m. Although it ‘should’ do 4k on a flat monitor (well for video, not for games easily) it might not be enough to render 180 or 360 videos in a vr headset.

The hmd will have minimum requirements based on pc spec, and a 960m may be too low for it to render at that resolution?. We have seen it here before where a person can run the video in 1080p but not in higher resolution.

If you know anyone who has a better GPU, you could try the pimax on their system to see if it works there to check that the issue is not the headset.

Good luck!