Pimax 4K USB HDMI Connected Red X Settings Device Disconnected

Just got the 4K yesterday.
My first hurdle was that it was freezing my PC when I plugged it in, and googling said that it was AMD Drivers issue, all I did was update and now I can plug in the 4K without any freezing issues.

I have updated PiPlay to 3.0.79
So far all I have is a Green LED, PiPlay shows USB & HDMI Connected but Red Cross.
Settings > Device shows “Device Disconnected”

I have an Oculus Rift and it works perfectly fine using the same USB port and HDMI so I know it cant be any of those.

Please help, really feels like a $472CAD paper weight at the moment.

  • Tried unplugging other USB devices
  • Yes my Rift is unplugged
  • Reinstalled PiPlay with AV off (was the only way to update to .79)
  • If I leave it plugged in and reboot, I can see the HMD display show my desktop, but on my PC the resolution 800x600, changing it back to 3440x1440 get me back to Zero

Windows 10 1709 64-bit
AMD Ryzen 1700X
AMD Vega 64

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Which amdgpu driver version are you using?

Its possible it might still be related to driver version.

Many users prefer the piplay ver 2.0.7 (one just before 3.x)

Try this link here you may need this firmware.


@Pimax-Support - I don’t think they have released a new full firmware update yet

Hi, I got my Pimax 4K last week again! :wink:
It was a pretty tough installation experience, but after all, it succeeded after the Windows update (1803).

And check your bios setting > advanced > Onboard Devices Configuration like below.
Charging USB~~ Disable

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Haha thats the exact thing I found.
Seems like this is still an AMD issue but now Vega specific.

Thanks for your input I can see you have a GTX 1080 there. as assumed from my initial I thought this was a AMD issue, and “fixed” that, but it looks like its a Vega issue so even if I updated to 1803 (which I dont want to do, as everything, except pimax is working fine) I believe my issue is Vega and will try the firmware update before updating the entire OS just for 1 thing.

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hidapi.dll is not found.
When I run the firmware tool from the PiPlay2 folder
can anyone help?

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Try the official firmware tool in this link. Its updated. My apologies.


So I found another Flasher and it worked. and now I have flashed to P1_1.0.0.277_Vega_Temp

I am now just back to being stuck at the Green LED.
PiPlay says both USB and HDMI are connected, same red X.

During reboot if I have the 4K plugged it, my PC keeps boot looping (rebooting after loading to the Windows logo.

AMD drivers 18.5.2
PiPlay 3.0.79 (as 2.0.74 kept locking my PC when I plugged in the 4K)

Hmm… Try rollingback the amd driver.

Put a support ticket in. We may need the team to setup a skype with teamview session.

@Pimax-Support @Sean.Huang

The above may help get support’s attention. But please submit a support ticket.

Might be able to ask the users in the other thread as well for assistance. @pablosan @Venatos

Just tried rolling back to 17.12.2, now USB connected but HDMI does not even Connect.

Rift works fine.

Had to roll back all the way to the first AMD driver that supports Vega; 17.8.1

What I’ve done so far (in case someone else lands here)

Next issue: OMFG, so much ghosting is this normal, I’ve never seen such noticeable ghosting before. Only a bother on black backgrounds

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Try the previous Piplay Version. 2.0.7 something like that. Ghosting is not as bad.

had similar problem:
this tool: Drag the tool (MEGA)
to Piplay installation (C:\Program Files\Pimax\PiPlay2), and then use
it to flash the firmware.

and this firmware:
Recently we made a special firmware for Vega users after discussing with AMD side, downloading link: MEGA

those did the trick for my Vega64(in December), currently everything up to date and working fine.
it is an LCD screen, so there is bound to be some ghosting, i usualy only notice it in the beginning, either it gets less after it “warms up” or whatever… or i just get immersed into what im doing and dont notice anymore… whatever the case, it isnt realy a big thing for me, i just love the resolution. :wink:

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Well i still can’t get it to work, green light. I’m on the latest amd drivers? Which are you on?

If your on a Vega gpu you may need a special firmware as described above.

The other thing if using latest piplay; uninstall & use piplay as many are having an issue with the newest one.

Yes im on a Vega GPU, i have the special firmware already, hmm i could try the older piplay if that works. It has not been great experience, ive had this headset for long, nvidia cards work a bit easier but still hassle.

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Well that advice had the worse effect, my whole pc locks up as i turn the headset on or plug in the cables.

So ill try the bad/first amd drivers and the new version and see if that works.

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Indeed sometimes (often at times) Amd driver breaks things. I have found however with Amd’s new approach on linux lately works quite well between open & closed drivers. Of course this doesn’t help us on Windows.

I made tye mistake the one time updating both piplay & amd gpu driver; only to discover after a lot of troubleshooting thar the issue was Amd’s new driver caused a blank screen in the headset.

However with Nvidia I think @Enopho reports that the previous driver to current is best for performance & stutter.

So do you have any idea which AMD drivers are known to work? i’m not really happy to go for the first vega drivers, but ill try them now just to see if i can get this thing to show image.

HyeVltg3 fix works:

Install Vega drivers 17.8.1 turn the headset off before booting or you might have bluescreen, then turn on the headset and open piplay (newer works just fine).

So next thing i need to check is what is the latest driver that works with the headset…

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Awesome update! :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:

Hi Oma,

do you mean turn off the headset before booting? if so do you want to change the post text or do you want me to do it?



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I did change it, but that using really old AMD drivers should not be a permanent fix. Pimax Devs really should fix it to work with newer drivers.