Pimax 4k rotations + PS move translations, how?¿?¿?

Hi, I have 2 PS move controllers + 4 PS3 eye cameras+ Bluethoot usb + Pimax 4k of course and I wonder what the easiest way to use the pimax 4k own rotations but adding also some positional tracking (translations ONLY) by using one of my PS move cotrollers attached to the headset??

I have read many things and view several videos but all is EXTREMELY confusing…I have no idea whats the best and easier way to do this. I dont know if I need Freepie, drive4vr, psmove service, etc…just want to be able to lit the bulb in my ps move cotroller (which I couldn’t even achieve) and some software capable of capture translations and send them to steam vr or something like that…

thanks a lot!

You are better off using a pingpong ball, and you need to use freepie. But it is possible with a controller. I have never done it with the controller so couldn’t tell you how, but for this stuff, DaleyTech has done a ton of great tutorial videos. Follow his guide.

Basically, from what I remember, is you need to set up psmove service with your controllers and pseyes.
Then change a config file to allow VirtualHMD.
Set up the VirtualHMD in psmove config tool.
Load freepie.
Start SteamVR.

But of course it is a little more complicated really. Here is the video that will help:

I also highly recommend using Driver4VR. Not sure exactly how it helps freepie, but it tends to make setting VR up a lot easier in general.

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Without Driver4VR, I did not have positional tracking (
freepie I do not even run it all without it)!
I collected my psmove based on Daley Tech video!

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thanks for your tips guys…I made the ping pong ball thing, setup everything correctly and WORKING (psmove service+psmovefreepiebridge+Freepie+Driver4vr)…however, for some reason, while in the psmove config tool, the tracking is PERFECTLY SMOOTH and stable (60fps only 1 PS3 EYE camera in front) but once in steam vr or in a game the head tracking is AWFUL…it feels like 30 or less fps!!..I go again to the psmove config tool and again, perfectly smooth 60fps tracking…what is going on?..I own a i7 6700k also so don’t think any problem with CPU.


Did you find out why the tracking was not as good once in steamvr?
Actually I have same issue with the same setup.