Pimax 4k not working Project Cars 2

Cant get it to work. Image in the menu has a strange aspect ratio and then the display is black with strange flickering in the right eye. It displays the track map in the right eye though.

I downloaded the pcars-2 torrents and it works fine.)

I’m downloading, I’ll test tomorrow!

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I confirm.
I did not find any problems.

I can ear sounds but no images on Pimax, I’ve tried with steam vr and Oculus mode too but nothing.

[Solved] start pCars 2 without Pimax, then Set Resolution of game to 2560x1440. Close the game and restart it in steam mode.

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Awesome share! Glad you got it working. When you have time please share your thoughts/review.

Works somehow for me, but my head is somewhere above the roof of the car. Tried changing cameras and recenter without success.

You may need to adjust your height in steamvr room settings.

in which version of the game did you set up the 2560X1440, normal version of VR? anyway for me in both version I could not find the 2560x1440 set up. I manage to force it in the normal version by changing manually the config file but it did not help for the VR version which remain black with just the track map moving and the frequency remains at 59Hz
Could you help by giving more details. tks in advance.

My Pimax 4k works very well with pcars 2 either with nolo or without it.
Its 2560x1440 (piplay settings, not ingame), medium quality, msaa medium, piplay supersampling 1.25, increased brightness in piplay, looks very good in my opinion

Base game runs in low resolution (1024x768), however in that resolution you cant arrange hud properly, need to switch back to full hd all the time :slight_smile:

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Just adjust the height.
For me, it usually looks good at 185 cm, which happens to be my real height, lol

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Be interesting to do a compare with vive as it apparently is struggling a bit with this title.

Have you solve?
Another try, you can set the resolution in game (normal mode no VR) to 1920x1080 and close. Then set in piplay (Device) the resolution of pimax to 1080 then start PC2 in steam VR mode.

I’ve heard -vrnomirrow as pcars 2 starting option disables mirroring on the monitor and affects perfomance very good (up to 20%).
I would like to use “saved” performance for more supersampling, however setting 1.5 or more (in piplay) makes colors distorted (when something white gets green/red pixels) ;(

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This game is reported as being difficult on Vive with a 1080ti.

i know, there are lots of posts about 1080ti poor perfomance on steam community… pretty weird, my 1080gtx (stock, not overclocked) works very well


In that respect thats awesome to see the 4k is handling it well.

Be interesting for one our community members here with 1080ti es as it would be neat to see/hear compare. Lol

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Well I managed to get the VR to work when racing, but the UI resolution is wrong. I even tried to force it in the non-vr version but no luck. It is set to 6400x1080, Triple screen is not enabled and I am also not using NVidia surround. I don’t know what the hell to do to resolve this :frowning: My center screen is an ultra wide that is why there is 6400 dpi…

Hi Guys. I just swapped my GTX 1080 SLI setup for GTX 1080 Ti because of PCars. I’ve been playing Pcar 1 for 1.5 years, going through several PC build. Last year got myself GTX 1080 SLI setup with UHD monitor. No issues handling 4K Ultra settings. 2 weeks ago, I bought Pimax 4K because wanted to try PCars in VR, and was contemplating on getting PCars 2.

Found out that VR don’t play with SLI, in fact I think it has negative impact. Disabled SLI and there’s a bit of improvement. But generally it was still a bit of disappointment to me. Trying to get constant 60 fps means low image quality. Taking the quality higher, the fps drops and I can only go a few minutes before nausea sets in. So that put a brake on the idea of getting PCars 2.

So after some consideration, I decided to sell off my GTX 1080 SLI and got myself 1080 Ti 3 days ago. The impact was instant. I left my PCars before the swap with setting that was doing between 47-48 fps with image comprise that acceptable to me. Once the Ti in and fired up PCars 1 in VR with the unchanged settings, fps never dropped below 60. And I was even to increase some quality setting a few more notches before the fps drops a bit. And so I got my self PCars 2 less that 24 hours ago.

So if some of you would like to compare, I captured Pcars 2 game setting and gameplay experience on my monitor mirrow view with my phone and it on Youtube. Here’s the link. PCars 2 VR with GTX 1080 Ti

So my target setup was to set the image quality settings as high as I could while trying to maintain 60 fps. Graphics setting generally medium, AA Low with PCars 2 own supersampling maxed out at 2. PiPlay with Image Renderer set to 1 only. SteamVR SS set to 1. too. MSI Afterburner for the fps monitoring.

So if anyone else with different GPUs can try my settings and share their experience results, that will be good.

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