Pimax 4k no longer recognized

Could you help. See link below


rgds Harald


You had more easy than me :smiley:

I got china version of google and when i install international drivers it gives me comunicate of incopatible soft version with my hmd…

I didnt used it even once :smiley: now ive stucked when installed china piplay version and got looped PROGRAM PISERVICE.EXE STOPPED WORKING. even when i swtich piservicelauncher.exe from english version i got same…

Dont know what to do…

Hello scott,
new informations.
Uninstall all programs including piplay Java and so on.
then install the english Version of piplay ver 1.1.73
i installed it into c:\piplay maybe there are some Problems with the space in “Program files”
restart pc
if after restart are an error with piserver stop the Service piservicelauncher.
Look in Folder c:\windows\piserver\pimax\pidisplay and start disablepvr.exe
Now you should see the pimax 4k as additional Monitor in windows
then you can try to start piservicelauncher or via commandline piservice.exe (found in c:\windows\piserver\pimax. i think normaly that will started from the piservicelauncher, but the piservice crashes if the pimax is in direct mode.
rgds harald

hmm but i dont have that error on english version.

on english version i dont see the googles becouse when i connect them it gives me message “international version does not match on that hmd”

and then piplay software gives message “device disconnected” or smth like that.

Led status on googles is green now. ive seen it before it was red, for moment it was blue.

worst thing is that there is no english manual about pimax p1… hope will be soon.

im trying install it only from chinese version drivers on laptop. we will see if this is my desktop pc or smth else.

thx for rply.

lets stay in contact :smiley:

on this site i see an international firmware. i think there is a firmware uploader in c:\windows\pimax (in one of the subfolder) called dfu… or somethink like that. Maybe you can flash the googles. Also helpfull will be a USB device viewer. My pimax is named RIFT P1 in the list.

you can install 368.25 graphics driver , English version we only support direct mode , and then you install stame on www.steamvr.com, and also install steamvr program , then set the steam room , then you can downlaod steam games to play

if your goggle is chinese version. you can uninstall the Piplay. and use oculus 0.6 or 0.8 runtime directly.
i think this device support the OC comaptible mode.

Basicly its working on my pc without oculus sdk and with chinese version of googles and piplay…

Im simply installed chinese piplay, and now i can set up googles to direct mode.

DIRECT MODE Standby LED IS RED COLOR. Then when ur steamvr see the googles the led change color to blue.

all ive done to make it working was … install 362 nvidia drivers… thats all…

on newer drivers it makes my computer automaticly swiches googles to extended mode (two monitor) even hen i manually changed it in graphics settings.

thats all… so after all i dont even load english firmware till its working fine right now…

Im playin Elite Dangerous without any problems :stuck_out_tongue:

my system is windows 10 64bit, and im not using oculus sdk, only chinese piplay

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