Pimax 4K is my screen broken?

Hello everybody,
So my Pimax 4K just arrived and i Was very excited but After all the installation of the software i get this :

So i Guess my screen is broken but could it be a software related issue ?
Did Anyone already get this issue ?
If not i will just return it… Do i have to use the Pimax warranty or ask gearbest for a refund ?

@PIMAX-Support @anon23564932


I have edited your post to help support see your concern.

It could be software/driver related.

If you could post the following;
Windows Version
CPU & Ram
Gpu & Driver version
Piplay version & Firmware version (firmware if possible)

& first 3 dugits of your PiMax serial number found on bottom of goggle.

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Thanks you for your answer !
Windows 10 pro 1703
I7 7700k @ 5ghz
2x8go 3200mhz
Gtx 980 - last driver

Piplay 1.2.75 (in 1.1.92 i get black screen on the headset and a Green led)
Firmware (i already tried a clean install of the firmware)
the serial number start with “102”

Nice setup & your welcome.

Now one thing with Windows 10; if you had multiple monitor setup. I found W10 changed how it manages multiple monitor setup (took a couple of hours to figure out with trial & error).

In W10 (unless they fixed it) you can’t just shutdown windows & unplug all the monitors except one & restart.

You need to start W10 with all your monitors connected & then go into settings & disable the monitors your not using.

The reason for this is in W10 it scales the monitors so you can have mismatched displays for extended desktop. If you shutdown it seems to store this somewhere.

I found this at a friend’s house. I bought him a copy of 3dMark & when ran it got that weird pixel mess in rendered scenes. He had broughr the computer out for the kids with 1 display which seemed okay in Gary’s mod. After a couple of hours trying to fix it; we rehooked it up with his multi monitor setup & voila it was good again.

I told my buddy that from now on go into display properties & disable the unneeded displays.

*Now this probably isn’t the issue in your case; but if you had a multiple monitor setup a good place to start to eliminate this as a possible cause.

***Awesome post showing the issue & with the info you provided will help support with debugging. Just keep in mind with where they are located if they need to setup Skype session with teamview to dig deeper may take a bit to find a good time that works for both parties.

Thanks ^^
But i don’t have multiple monitors… :sob:

I figured it probably wasn’t the case. But provided that as a possible.

Hopefully @PIMAX-Support will be on soon to assist further. They offer some of the best in class with Skype with teamview. @LukeB has used this service multiple times.

Ok, i will wait for them but i will start to contact gearbest to prepare an exchange if nothing can repair it, i really want that headset, even after this trouble.

I hear you there. I have tried Oculus (in a mall might have been a dk2) & Psvr on Ps4. In my experience PiMax 4k is definitely better for fidelity & reduced vr sickness.

I have the Ethan Carter VR dlc and if you check redit reviews from oculus/vive users they have alot of complaints about that. Where as i have spent a few hours wondering aimlessly without the off feeling. Where as Resident evil 7 on psvr felt off within 15min (these games kinda similar)

well, a friend of mine has a psvr (with a non-pro PS4) and we finished RE7 in something like 4x3hours sessions. So the motion sickness is not a trouble for me and i’ve found the experience wonderful :smiley: but i only tried the oculus Dk2 in a game convention 3 years ago and never had the chance to tried the CV1 or the Vive so i think if i found the PSVR pretty cool, the Pimax should be a game changer :smiley:
I will definetely buy nolo controllers too once the support will be finalized.

Hi, friend, could we use Teamviewer for remote assistance? If yes, please send ID & Password to support@pimaxvr.com.

Sorry i’m at work right now and i risk to not be available this week-end but maybe we can do this quickly at 6:30 PM UTC+2 today ( if it’s in your working hours), i’m not pretty good with “Oral english” could we do this by chat ? And yes i would be glad to be assist via TeamViewer !

I hope my HMD is not broken… i have talk with the gearbest support and i will have to send the HMD from EU to China and i will have to pay the shipping costs, plus the time to send it and then the time for them to send a working one back, i will have no device for at least a month… it’s pretty disapointing for something i paid 300$ ç_ç (2 month putting money aside)

Hi, we are in Shanghai UTC+8, I think I could not be there at that time, sorry : (

– Did this phenomenon exist all the time? or just be initially?
– Are you using any adaptor for the helmet?

I suggest that you could flash the corresponding firmware for your helmet as per this link:

And you also could update your graphics card driver as per the way below:

  1. Manually download the latest one from it’s homepage.
  2. Manually install it. ( Nvidia driver for an example)

Yes the problem is always here.
when i launch a VR content i still see a buggy screen but part of the game appeared too.
I use an HDMI to mini-Displayport adapter (with HDMI 1.4) who work great even on my 4k TV (i don’t have any HDMI Output on my GPU…) -_-’
I already tried a clean update of the firmware.
I’m sure my Nvidia driver is clean installed.(fresh install of windows with DDU for uninstall default win10 driver)

Is it possible to connect the helmet to other PC :slight_smile:

Is a latop or desktop?

Desktop, i’ve disabling the igpu on bios already.
I Can connect it to a laptop to try with a 850m but i think the HDMI output come right from the MB connected to the IGPU

oh ! and i don’t know if it’s relevent but the led on the top is blue when i get the screen in this state.

and Thanks for the help !

Ok i got some news…the screen is not broken !! :smiley:
I was able to see the pimax logo correctly and to enter the menu of kody without problems on my shitty laptop, i was unable to start games though…but the problem come from my computer, i’m thinking that my display-port to hdmi adapter is messing with the signal ! :smiley:
The thing is, i havn’t any hdmi on my GPU (yes that’s strange) but i have DVI and Mini-HDMI and i think the signal should not be touch with this kind of adapters because these are more or less the sames.
If it doesn’t work i will perform a fresh install of windows once again !

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Cool that its working. Something to look into there are 2 types of DP adapters; passive & active. Try a different adapter (the dvi 2 hdmi might be a good choice)

Also do a google search on 1080 founders vr.

Will see if i can squeeze some time in. Threads on oculus/vive probably having the same issues & likely have a fix/work around. I have read threads in the past that recommend using a native hdmi port. That being said your dvi adapter may work better or you might need an active dp2hdmi adapter.


The above link confirms an issue with DP. Try your dvi adapter & let us know.

@LukeB has a 1080 card not sure if its like your founders card withvno native hdmi ports.

Another link for nvidia vr card issues

@Sjef you might be interested in the above links.

I already ordered a Mini-HDMI to HDMI (of top quality from ugreen), i have found that the mini-HDMI is the same as a normal HDMI 1.4b, so this should work without trouble.i will try it tonight and come back with the answer if anyone is in my situation.

Well, it work but i have some few questions about troubles that i didn’t found answers in the forum…
My headset doesn’t appear in Windows display settings and i have to disconnect my main (and only) monitor, with only my HMD connected, restart the computer and then reconnect it after the windows boot is done, and then it’s recognized. Do you now what is wrong ?

Plus, how do i unlock the “screen” settings ? i want to enable cool colors.
Thanks for your support in this quest to a working Pimax ! :smiley:

Okay cool.

You will still needva 2nd monitor hooked up.

In PiMax mode the headset will not show in display settings (this is also known as Direct mode) in video mode/extend mode will be seen in display properties as a 2nd display.

If your using latest PiPlay cool colors and few options are disabled. @PIMAX-Support has said will be re enabled in a later release.

Latest Piplay is 1.2.75.

PiMax mode (direct mode) is used for steam & oculus support.