Pimax 4K hard locks my PC when USB inserted

Hi guys,

My situation:

Windows 10 64bit, all up to date, Pimax 4k was working fine until I set
1080p resolution in Piplay, there was a click from the Pimax headset and
it powered off, Piplay could not detect it, now if I plug the Pimax USB
connector into my PC my PC will hard lock, as in it freezes totally,
even keyboard num lock and caps lock light don’t work, if I reset with
the Pimax plugged in it won’t boot, it gets to the Windows welcome
screen and sits there, no USB peripherals work. If I unplug the Pimax
and reset the PC it boots as normal. I have a green light on the Pimax
when plugged in, no display or backlight in the headset.

I’ve raised a ticket, just wondered if anyone else has come accross this and how did you fix it?

Added info: I can use the firmware update tool which will recognise the
headset and put it into DFU mode, but as soon as I click upgrade and
choose a firmware file the computer will lock. I can manually put the
headset into DFU mode but then neither Piplay or the firmware tool will
recognise it. It then gets stuck in DFU mode until I unplug and replug
it several times.

Hi sorry to hear your having trouble.

If you can post your system specs.

Things to try.

Only have headset, mouse & keyboard connected (no other usb devices)

If you have recently update gpu driver, install previous driver. Recently a user had a lock up issue due to a broken Amd driver.

We may still need support.

Putting @usernane will help draw folks to your topic/post.

@Pimax-Support @Doman.Chen @Sean.Huang

fixed already,tks for your attention.

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Fixed with an AMD driver rollback, thanks for the help :slight_smile:

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Awesome glad its working your welcome