People with IPD's >70

Hey guys,

My greatest worry about the Pimax 5/8k headsets is that it won’t support my IPD. My IPD is 74.1. Yes, I have a big head, because I’m big.

Can guys who have received their IPD’s and have IPD’s >70 post your IPD and your experience with the headset?


My IPD is 71.3 and I love the experience I’m getting in the 5k+. The IPD dial doesn’t go up to 74 though.

there is hope! I have 70mm ipd but I dial in 66mm a lot - just more comfortable for my eyes so I think 70mm on a pimax is not the same as 70mm on a vive or rift. These lenses are so big and the sweetspot also you have a lot of room for testing. and the headstrap is crazy big, so big small headed guys have trouble with it.

on the other hand I have big issues with my psvr - such small lenses and a fixed hardware ipd.

I was going to say that I hear a lot of peeps needing to adjust their IPD down from what they measured so this is good thing!

My dream: set virtual ipd to 59, set physical separation of lenses to 70.
Because the image looks correct at 59,60, but the physical separation hurts my nose that low. Also you get a real fov boost separating the lenses to 70.

Suggestion box!
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Would be nice for us with an elevated bridge of our nose.
I mean I’m not saying I’m a bird beak man person or anything heh. But yeah, would be nice.

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Is that possible???.. I’m in the same boat… that certainly would be a dream!

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