People In the United States not recieving notifications?

I heard people in the united states are not getting there shipping notifications and just pimax hmd gets shown up, is this the same for bundles? People say it is because of local warehouses in usa and just shipping them, should I expect this if I live in west usa (cali)? Pimax support told me that my hmd would come before october start but jts already almost a week before october and I haven’t recieved any email for shipping, thanks

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Send a message to Pimax Quorra on here and they’ll get you your tracking or let you know when it ships

I got a shipping notice yesterday. today reports that fedex now has the package. i’m in Texas.

I’ve received several notices from FedEx (and 1 from Pimax) that my 8KX is in “transit”. I’m in Georgia (US). The delivery date is still “pending”.

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I had same problem. ordered Oct 31. If you live in CA and they ship from CA instead of direct from CN it will not ship until you pay the CA state sales tax. But they do not ask you for it. I got lucky I had a refund for another purchase and advised me I could use credit to pay sales tax so they could ship. This after a month of asking why it hasn’t shipped yet. Their response was

“I created credit at 254$ just now. But found out your order SO4969 needs to fill in the sales tax for CA which is 7.25% for the value of the product. It should be 699$*7.25%. So need an extra 50.68$. Did anybody tell you about this before?”… I‘ve got my colleague notified about the shipment of your 8KX under your order SO4969. Should get it shipped out within one week. Will try to shorten the period."
This was on 9/17 so hoping it ships soon but so far no tracking update on my order page yet.
Good luck.

Update : 9/20 tracking number just added to order page !!

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Wait, you have to pay AGAIN? I got sent this as a gift, so Will I not be able to recieve it without paying 250$? Sounds like bs

Edit: nevermind that was for orders back then when they forgot to include tax, that sounds like bs for people who did order then, I checked my order and tax was included since it was like last month or 2 orders

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