Pci-e usb 3.0 card recommendations

Hi everyone,
Just wanted to open a topic regarding Pic-e usb 3.0 cards.
Using an Inatek Superspeed and my Pimax 5k+ does work but only if plugged on this one and not on motherboard (b350 Tomahawk).
Worth mentioning that i am using windows drivers as i found Inatek’s one to be unstable (at least when tried with .95)
When plugged on my Mobo i get Headset disconnections and/or tracking lose ( LH disappearing from Pitool).
I also deactivated power management for all usb ports in device manager.

Any tip or comment welcome :slight_smile:


I grabbed this one a few days ago and it’s solved all my issues.

(The main issue I was running into was delayed vibrations, which I believe was caused by the Asmedia USB controller on my motherboard).

I am using the drivers listed on Inateck’s website, and it seems completely stable to me.


Bought and installed this exact model too.

My Pimax hasn’t arrived yet, but I want to be ready when it does… :wink:


I have this version. Works great.


Good plan. I actually bought a USB addon card too, but when my wife’s computer died, I transferred the motherboard, CPU, and video card to her’s and upgraded my PC (which is what I usually do, but this was unscheduled). With my new mb, the USB seems fine, but I do plan to install the addon card at some point, for an additional USB 3 type “C” port (as well as the other ports, which I don’t actually need anymore).

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I’ve read about mixed results with this one online… The problem is that the Pimax basically needs an entire USB controller to its self, if you buy a card with 7 ports and fill the whole thing up then it totally defeats the purpose of buying a dedicated USB controller for the Pimax.

HTC also recommends the 2 port one for the Vive pro:


my 5k+ works flawless when plugged into a usb 3.0 on the back of my crosshair 7 using the ports that use the ryzen cpu and not mb chipset

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That’s good to know. I do have my Pimax plugged into it along with the other 4 external ports being occupied (I’m not using the 2 internal ones), and I’ve had no problems.

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Using mine only for the Max :slight_smile:

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Did a try for 24h with the Inatek’s driver and for first time been experiencing orange light on hmd, reboot would fix but not always so reverted back to windows driver.
All good so far :slight_smile:

When you look in your device manager (devmgmt.msc) do you see any unknown devices? If so, the drivers might not have been properly setup.

This is what it should look like:

it looks like everything was fine, could see Fresco driver installed but was not as stable as with windows drivers.
Was the same with Oculus, reported by some users too on Oculus forum.


What about that xHCI at the bottom ?

Right, I get this, but when I first setup the card I was also getting tons of errors with my Pimax (and any device I plugged into it), then I realized that the drivers weren’t setup correctly. If you only see one device associated with your USB controller, that’s definitely not right.

In order to make it work, I had to follow these steps:
1.) Install the correct driver from the Inateck website for the usb controller I purchased
2.) Update the controllers driver to use this Inateck driver that was just installed (right click in Device Manager → Update Driver)

3.) Uninstall any unknown devices you see in the device manager
4.) Restart pc

After that you should see 2 devices listed for the fresco logic usb controller/hub, and it should show yet another device when you turn on the Pimax. I did notice sometimes there is quite a long delay before the usb device connects after turning on the power on the Pimax (at least 30+ seconds), however it works perfectly for me now everytime.

Without the driver, I was having issues with my mic working at the same time as the headset/speakers (I was getting windows errors telling me the usb controller was out of memory). Installing the correct driver fixed this.


Hi…It’d be a good idea if you could pass on your full systems specs but regardless we’ll go along with your inquiry for a PCI-E USB3.0 add-on card. I’t’d also be a good idea to mention the first culprit card since that could help narrow down the card not to include in our suggestions.

pcb assembly

I have my Pimax 8K running USB off a 8 Port USB 3 Powered Hub. Connected with other peripherals, mainly USB controllers so they don’t demand much bandwidth and then it is plugged into a single USB channel on my laptop.

It works with no real issues - drifting aside. I think the external power helps.

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