PC RAM and VR games

Is there anyone that would suggest upgrading the RAM of the PC above 16gb to increase the VR game experience ?

Anyone noticed any difference when playing VR games after moving from 16 GB of ram to higher amount of RAM?

At least DCS would benefit from more than 16 GB of Ram.

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I have 32 installed and a 2011 based board with bandwidth to fill it - I have the feeling that FO4 - just got into it - runs good on that with 1080. I haven monitored it, I will this evening and give you the info.

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The speed of the RAM is more important than size for games, at least if u have 16GB or more. Fallout 4 VR gains extra fps from fast ram, but thats also one of the few CPU demanding VR games. Some simulators might me an exception.

But to be honest, its a very bad time to upgrade RAM with the current prices. As long as u dont video edit, photo edit or do some heavy workload then 16Gb is fine.


Thank you guys for the replies!

I have a

Asus z170 deluxe

I7-6700k 4ghz

16gb ram

Ddr4. 1066.7 mhz

Nvidia titan X (pascal)

I started puzzling about the RAM because I see many times how 70% of my ram gets often in use just by opening multiple firefox or chrome webages. So I was wondering about the games 's ram usage and if there would be any benefit in upgrading …but like @SweViver said, the prices are very high for ram, so I was wondering about what do you think about it and what is your suggestion related to ram and such high usage number I am getting.

Thank you!

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ddr3 vs ddr4 does and certainly ram speed does.


Wow cool - damn does RAM prices ! That’s a cool sheet of data - 20% is some impact!

I checked for fallout - never got over 12gb.