PayPal Credit checkout

I wanted to purchase the 5K headset today. Although paypal payment method is accepted I can not select paypal credit option.
Is this going to be enabled at some point?


@anon74848233 @Sean.Huang @PimaxUSA

Anybody home…??? How long does it take to answer a simple question?

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It’s like screaming into the abyss, eh? Unfortunately, a lot of Pimax tech support is snowed under with support tickets now that backers are receiving their headsets; exacerbated by a build-up of issues during the two week break for Chinese New Year recently. Even if you lodge a support ticket yourself, you might not get a response for a while as they work through everything. I’m convinced they’re doing their best, they just don’t currently have the staff they need to deal with all the issues.

I remember having trouble selecting the PayPal option temporarily when I pre-ordered. Try using a different device or computer to order.

They’re a good team at Pimax but their communication is pretty awful atm while they expand outside of China. A quick peruse of the forums will give you a good idea of the frustration at the lack of clear communication. You are not alone.

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I went through the forum and seen the amount of issues rising with the first production thus I decided to wait several months until all this is resolved and the crappy headsets sold out:))