Palmer Luckey showing off his new Pimax headset! (Not sure if 5k or 8k

Really curious to hear his thoughts.


Palmer Luckey showing off 2 Pimax headsets.


Palmer’s review would be so good and important for Pimax promotion but they don’t think so far

I think it’s best if the headsets speak for themselves.

Hopefully he gives them a good review.

I am happy with my headset. Even better now that the tracking is fixed.
I wished I was like Palmer and backed 2 headsets as since the tracking has been sorted my son has hardly put it down, been hard for me to get a turn lol.

He is loving playing Onward, Pavlov, Zero Calibre, Beat Sabre he thinks its awesome.


Well he’s certainly got the pc to handle it. Last I heard he was using liquid nitrogen for extreme overclocking.

Been more than a month now wtf?? Why hasn’t he said a thing about it

Maybe he is just about happy with it :slight_smile:

Or he is happy enough to recommend it, but does not want to say it until Pimax can handle the hughe influx of new buyers that would cause.

At the very least he is not hating it which if he was i bet he would of spoken out about unless he is just being hopeful that it will improve by full consumer release.

It’s because he sold them and is using the money to buy StarVR

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