P124342 cancel and refund

@anon74848233 , i will have to issue fraud to my bank tomorrow, you are not replying emails or forum posts, you all had been lying to me for two months, sorry but you give me no choice. Only option from now on is if you send it to my address in huzhou/changxing next week, then i can cancel the bank issue in one week.

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Issued fraud, i will issue fraud from China as well on Monday. Lets see how you deal with head of international trade from hangzhou communist party.

Today another pimax employee replied one of my mails about refund, not giving any info about refund process but still trying to lie to me about where the product is, but this new one doesn’t even bother to check my order before lying, he says my product is on the way to USA warehouse, i am in Asia continent!

Fact: 5 different people from pimax lied to me.

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Pimax, what’s going on???!!!
I can’t sell my oculus now and i need money now!
This is ridiculous!!!

I knew that you were not replying emails, i recently realized that you olso don’t reply to emails which are continuing tickets, you only reply the newly opened tickets, and only once. Now your support web page doesn’t work and I can’t open new ticket.

My last ticket is “supen-4128 refund p124342”, you were still playing word games and asking me “what happened?”.

I can’t open new ticket, so take this as my new ticket: “SUPEN-4444 REFUND P124342”
I want my money asap!

@deletedpimaxrep1 @uhsnux @Sean.Huang @Doman.Chen @anon74848233 @mozi @PimaxVR @PimaxUSA @DerekVVV

'cause I don’t know your previous communication with Piamx,
so I asked what is going on,
don’t say You Think You Know You realize,
just tell the reason why you want refund nicely and clearly,
and I will deal with it.

You can check my posts on this forum, and read my emails that i sent to support@pimax.com , orders@pimax.com , jira@pimax.com , and tickets i opened from your support page, there are a lot, i shouldn’t be rewriting cumulative text each time i send an email, thats why people “REPLY” emails so that they can see the previous communications, but as i said before, you don’t do it and i have no other choice to open new ticket.

I want my refund because you did not send me the product i ordered and paid in 10 days, according to what is written on your web page about return and refund policies of pimax. This is one of the reasons and it should be enough, you can learn about other reasons from my previous posts.

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you write too much again,
the fastest way is to let me know the reason why the refund, and I may submit your request quickly,
your choice.

Meanwhile it looks like I found the fastest way, my colleague spoke to you i guess, and you agreed to refund, i hope to receive my refund soon.

Please keep this thread open until i receive the refund.

no one spoke to me…

Maybe a precise coincidence, Derek Wei is the person who agreed. You can check with him.

Just to share with others who are curious about what happened, i asked my colleague to contact Pimax Shanghai, she got the info in minutes and shared with me.

It happens to be my product already arrived in Istanbul, but it doesn’t have any documents so it has been waiting customs warehouse under government control, about the same time it arrived i was informed my product was on its way to Pimax USA warehouse, I didn’t receive any other info about tracking no or transport company.
Anyway, i was pleasantly surprised and ready to continue the business after such long and painful experience. But, it turns out that they have only sent the headset, not the base station and controllers, rest will be sent earliest September!!!
So i continued to ask for my refund, again through my colleague in China, which again worked well and fast, at least to get a verbal approval of refund. Anyway, its still early to make any conclusion, i am still optimisticly waiting for an official statement.

So two things to note; if you are waiting for controller or base station, it will probably happen in September. If you are having problems to communicate with pimax, find someone from China to call them, looks like they are decent over phone.

Still i am trying to be nice and inform pimax, your product will become government property if you don’t call it back soon. I tried to send it back for you but they need you to do it, you should call Aramax.

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I’m Derek,
Yes your request for refund has been agreed,
Yesterday in the phone I have talked to Miss Guo. I told her to let you contact your customs and apply order rejection, she agreed.
From this post, I realize you are waiting for us to recall the order.
Fine, will do it.
when the returned order is received, I will submit your refund.

Everybody knows basestations and controllers are not yet available. Nothing to be surprised about.


At the time i ordered, there was nothing to imply they will be sent in 6 months, it was written in stocks, just like hdm. Maybe everyone who followed the forum knew, but i wasn’t even aware of this forum back then.

No, i am not waiting for you to recall it, I don’t care if or when you will call it back, i just want my full refund of 1079$ as soon as possible.
As i wrote previously, i called the transport company, they told me I can’t do anything, they said pimax needs to call us if they want to call back the goods. Now only thing i can do is reject it, which I already did yesterday, and in about 2 weeks, if you don’t call it back, it will become government property.

Why don’t you just refund me? Why still trying to delay?

Refund after Receiving the Return,
I think it is a natural procedure, since we did deliver it and do nothing wrong.
yes we admit there is some delay, and really sorry for it, we are opimizing the logictics.
anyway don’t worry about the refund, will do it in time.

I was asking for refund before you shipped the product.

I think when you ask for refund, the order has been shipped out,
but the order status is not upgraded.

No, i see from tracking info that you created shipment the day after my refund request and shipped 2 days later. My order status has always been “order received”.

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