P123388 asks for support

I bought a Pimax 5k+ in jan 26. April 13 pimax has shipped it. ten days later my country’s mail service returns it cause the package did not fulfill the necessary data and preparation. (i buy thing from all over the world and nothing ever happened - amazon, aliexpress, ebay…)
in july 7 it arrives back at singapore.
from day 1 of the returning problem i have been trying to get my money back. 800 USD in brazil means A LOT of money! i have tried email, tickets and nobody can do anything for me. 6 months has passed the product is still there in singapore and after so many emails now pimax just does not respond me anymore
i have almost given up to receive my money back, trying here my last scream for help
feeling robbed
just a lot of regrets for believing in PIMAX.

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I am sorry for the inconvenience. Please send me your ticket number. Thank you.

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this is the last one #19177

I will confirm your ticket with the team and we will reply to you on your ticket. Thank you for your patience.