P1232 Unable to confirm address, been back and forth with support for weeks

I have been back and forth with support via email for a month now (a little over actually-starting late February), trying to get information and to get my Pimax 5k+ shipped. For a little info, I am P1232, and I ordered on Oct. 26.
I had opened tickets and sent forum messages with no response for 3 weeks, so I emailed on March 4, asking for an update on my headset. I received a reply saying that they have “contacted the courier to collect the package, and the tracking number will be updated later.” Good, right? I thought so. Fast forward 5 days, no word (no UPS or FedEX or nothing), so I sent a follow up email asking for another update, as I had hoped to get the Pimax before a certain date. They then sent back a reply a few days later, saying my shipping info was incomplete, which it is not. I have a normal US address (Florida) without any weird characters or apartment numbers or anything. But I complied anyways, and sent back my address again in the format they requested. A day later I received this reply. I was content, they updated me on what was happening, and so I thought all was good. Fast forward another 3 days, then I get another email saying that they need to confirm my address. Which I did. I say this in a reply, but include my address again just to be safe. No reply. A few more days pass, and I get another email saying that my product hasn’t been shipped but they will send it in ‘these few days.’ So I get excited, but then get another email the next day saying they can’t ship because my shipping address isn’t completed.

Sorry for the rant, I am just obviously frustrated, and just want to get this all cleared up so I can receive my headset. I just wanted to make this known so I may receive a clear reply on what I need to do from Pimax to resolve it.

So what do I need to do to confirm my address and get my 5k shipped?

A frustrated customer



Just hilarious.

@PimaxUSA … since this is a US customer, I think you can help.

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@anon74848233 @mozi

I was told by pimax that my shippment is ready and to fill out the survey shippment info which i did and now im waiting and waiting and waiting for my headset to come, its been 3 weeks now and still nothing. Im kickstater backer 6797 and i still havent received anything, i message pimax MANY times to see if there’s anything wrong or if they got my infos but till this day they have not respond. So what’s going on? Please let me know because im getting tired. Thanks


Hi, sorry for late response. I check and feedback you tomorrow.

Hi, Wesleymet, really sorry!It was our mistake that missed your mails, could you share me your shipping address here and the models you want is still 8K, right?
Full Name:
Mobile Phone :

Reply your address in a private lissage to @mozi please :slight_smile:

I ordered a 5k, and all is good now! My order waa shipped yesterday!

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Glad to ear it. Lucky you

I’ll send my info in your message inbox