Overview of progress

Hello dear colleagues,

I am a preorder with the number: P1103

Unfortunately the support does not answer our question!
The people in this forum are starting to worry about their order.

Unfortunately, I also belong to it and because the support gives me no answer, I just ask here!

Is there a way to check when we can count on our delivery? I ordered a 5k + in October and would like to know when I can count on my Pimax.

Unfortunately, it is very frustrating to get any information at all.

What do you think about it?

It has also noticed that the quality of the lenses is very strong. In some cases even the housings break!
If we have something like that, is that guaranteed?

Dear Pimax Team,
PLEASE tell us what’s going on! :frowning:


There’s no way to check status, sadly.

P105x here, waiting for an update.


You will be ignored.

If not then whoever responds please also let me know … where is my 8K? Backer #2466

Just sent a ticket in to cancel my pre-order this morning.

Doubt I will hear anything from them, but I’ll give it a week before letting AMEX deal with it…

Yes, Pimax has been replacing units that have cracked. The good news is that seems to be less of an issue lately.

The bad news is that the swap for a defective unit can take a while and there have been numerous complaints about Customer Support ignoring tickets or taking a long time to respond.

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In theory preorders aren’t even supposed to ship before Kickstarter pledges all receive theirs (which they haven’t all shipped yet), so you’re lucky if you do get one.

I waited a year and a quarter for my Pimax 8K, have some patience, they are ramping production and dealing with quality control issues of the earlier production units.

Pre Order is what it is, not as long to wait as Backer but still not buying direct a retail product. You’ll probably see it in a month or less as they are now nearing the end of the backer backlog.


The whole backer would have to have their pimax now !? I do not understand why Pimax does not say what’s going on …

How many backers are missing? Must be done for a long time.

I agree that the situation is out of control. If you do not have your unit by now then I had better cancel my order from the third of February

Just have some patience, it’s not out of control that’s just silly, pimax have been completely transparent about just how many backers are missing and right now it’s just the 8k ones.

Their support is swamped until they train more staff.

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