Ordered Plan F but now seeing backer url Whats the difference

I already placed the Order for plan F and they just sent out the backer url. Whats the difference in the 2, i saw the the backer url isnt supposed to charge for shipping. Can someone from pimax confirm this and also since my order was already placed will they just refund me the shipping cost or do i have to cancel and place the order via the backer link (which shows it out of stock btw).


Should be able to help

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Plan F may available at the store next week.

Does Plan F still have six-week overhead?

@Matthew.Xu ^ very good question or are we going through it now

To be honest, I don’t know.:joy:


Then plz let us know in advance :rofl:

that’d be some good info to let out

That didnt answer the question. Will there be a shipping charge on the backer site?
Ive already placed my order and I dont know if I should cancel it. Id rather not pay the 60$ shipping fee