Order status and shop credit status

Hi there… I have just spent a good few minutes trawling the morass that is this forum and coiuldn’t find any updates on controller status.

I ordered the full set back in the Kickstarter but have only received the 5k headset.

Have Pimax actually shipped any controllers yet.

Also what is the status with the $100 rebate some of us got from downgrading to the 5k from the 8k?

Any information gratefully received.[


Hi @GraXXoR!

The PImax controllers (Sword and Sword Sense) has not been released yet. The Sword controllers are amied to be released this fall, as far as I know, but there is no specific release date stated as of now. Once the controllers are ready for a release, the backers will receive the first batches, followed by all orders and pre-orders, including yours of course. At this moment we are all waiting for the release…

Regarding the rebate, the $100 you have is not forgotten of course, and will be available for use once the accessories (including controllers) are released.


Any word on my 60 euro 10m cable? (Which by now I no longer need of course)


Do you mean to imply only Sword will be released this fall, or is that an error of omission?


That’s a good point, are both sword and sword sense be released in fall together or at separate dates?

SweViver, could you reach out to Pimax and could we possibly get an update on all Kickstarter rewards status from Pimax even if it’s to say TBD on certain items.

I for one could not wait for thier 10m cable so will I be able to get store credit for that? I already have $100 voucher from the KS then another $100 from switching from 8k to 5k+ and potentially $60 from the cable i no longer need.

My plan was to put those toward the wireless adapter, but is that even coming anymore? I think everyone could use a general update of where everything is at and when we can expect it. Even if that means never. I honestly would rather know now that they will never release a wireless module and I might get extra controllers or base stations.



This recent post from @SweViver is likely to be the most detail you’ll get in August:

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Would be awesome to have all that info in our shop account. I don’t even remember for 100% which controllers I choice and thought all were Sense and only thumbstick or pad was the choice - a look into the shop and maybe an upgrade / downgrade would easily be done just as having the shop credits appear.

There are always “good things” happening behind the scenes, month after month. It just never leads to anything meaningful happening for customers.


Yes that’s the lore that pimax wants you to buy into…sunshine, and hard working little pimax elves toiling away for something big to reveal. Then if anyone speaks against it pimaxusa will control the narrative by closing the thread. Nice. @heliosurge

Every company has their zealots. If you want to control the narrative post real facts. The truth is it is easy to collect a bunch of quotes from various direct pimax sources; pimaxusa, xunshu, dallas, sweviver etc… So not sure how it can be said to be user speculations. Lol. Save those users whom speculated based on info posted that lead to it (ie LH being replacef by a different IO solution).

In your other thread you mentioned to pimaxusa that you hope everything arrives by Sept. including swordsense…I wish I was as optimistic as you, and I have picked up the Rift S in anticipation of a much longer wait unfortunately.

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I’ve ordered some goodies because unfortunately will believe it when I see it. As we never had the good news PimaxUSA said was slotted for July, but that has been a pattern since VR Roundtable in Jan followed by pitool 106.

Information is not organised for proper release & interviews as our Cretian once said shouldn’t explore hypothetics. The hypothetical thought experiment in RoundTable caused alot of issues leading to users to speculate on the info presented.

The September release of controllers both types is more hope than likely reality & even if released will likely take months to deliver like the headset.

Unless they have been stock piling manufactured goods so that the announcement will be “LH & Controllers have been shipped”.

But who knows worst case scenario Half Life 3 & Steamvr v3.0 tracking sensors & LHes will be near release.