Order not Shipped

Order P1306 from October 2018 still not shipped here under wht I got from DPD

United Kingdom
2019-03-29 09:44Sender, We’ve received your order details, but have not yet received your parcel
I dont expect to getany delivery from PIMAX what my order to be refund

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@Sweviver please help :slight_smile:


Thanks buddy, I feel less alone


There is a thread that @anon74848233 recently posted to help get backers & pre orders sorted.

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Hi Hellosurge,

My issue is DPD UK received my details order but not the parcel from PIMAX.


Yeah that is concerning. I can say DPD has bern problematic for some users in the past with delivery.

It will be much better once more stable channels like Amazon are in place.

Hi mate. Please leave me a direct message here and I will take care of your ticket on Monday morning!




My order is P1306 placed in October with part-1 Pimax 5K Plus VR Headset with Hand motion and part2 Pimax Base Station and Wireless Controllers.

Part1 seems have been shipped on the 31st of March according DPD prealert and tracking #.

Part2 is still not shipped.

Ticket nb :SUPEN-5091.

Awaiting your feedback, Thanks

Did you check your ticket? Derek has replied you a week ago and he is re-arranging the shipment already.



your order was arranged on 30th May, will deliver today or tomorrow/.


ok, wait and see for tomorrow

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So we are “tomorrow” and guess what …

Nothing delivered.

Status on DPD website is still "
Date &; Time Location Description
29 Mar 2019 08:44 Sender We’ve received your order details, but have not yet received your parcel

If you got a tracking number you can just track it online. Im pretty sure its on is way to you.

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No it isn’t according the DPD-UK status I got using the tracking number provided on PIMAX order status website

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Sounds strange. But hold on. Tomorrow morning (EU) time I will have a look at this, if not Derek is faster tonight.

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I see now looking at your tracking number its indeed registered at DPD but “not received”. I dont know how often DPD updates the progress, but in case nothing happens until tomorrow we will investigate this.


Copy that …


I am back and…

Nothing has changed, neither delivery nor DPD UK update

Hi, my order P124774 since may 2nd still not shipped, no News from pimax.

Are you living in UK?