OpenXR problem with Brink Traveler and Hubris

Hi guys, lately I figured that I can not any more use OpenXR with Brink Traveler and Hubris. I was using it before without problems. In a meantime I updated PimaxXR (to v0.3.2) and OpenXR_Toolkit (to v.1.3.0).

In a Brink Traveler I see textures in shadow differently on left and right eye (one is darker)

In Hubris I do not see sun with one eye, just black box.

Can somebody check if openxr works for you in those games’?
(Other games are good so far)

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I think I’ve read on this forum before that Hubris has lighting issues unless you use Parallel projection. Idk if you are?

For Brink Traveler, is it Unity by any chance? I broke Unity support between PimaxXR 0.3.0 and 0.3.2… in a way that sounds like what you are describing. But I also released a 0.3.4 last night to fix that!


A new PimaXR version corrected Brink Traveler, and with Hubris I found out that XRNecksaver was doing something on my system to force-close Hubris on start. I uninstalled necksaver and shortly I was in game, but didn’t have time for proper check (sun and other…)
Thank you @mbucchia :slight_smile:

ps: XRnecksaver was my fault, I installed once before 2 versions at same time. Now even with 1 latest version I have necksaver process 2 times…

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Cool, good to hear!