Openvr advanced settings 5.0.0 released Auto Turn!

So this just dropped today and one thing caught my attention.
So as you approach walls they will rotate the game for you so that you can walk forevor? what?

I mean that’s what you naturally do when you approach a wall but somehow having the world rotate by itself seems like a nauseating idea. But at the same time I feel if it was like a snap turn it could actually make playing games like Alyx interesting.

Although i’m not sure if having your world suddenly rotate in a fire fight would help anyone.

I’m curious to see what the community thinks about this, and if it works well on the Pimax.

New Features

  • Rotation Tab feilen UI by ykeara
    • Auto-Turn - Automatically rotates you to allow you to walk in a single direction forever in games by rotating the world around you as you near walls.
      • optionally this feature will also try to direct you so that you will untangle your cord as well.
      • important - This feature does not handle playspaces with wall corners greater than 180 degrees well.
    • redirected - walking - Automatically steers you away from the edge of your play area by encouraging you to walk towards the middle of your play area.
      • Important - This requires a VERY large playspace to be imperceptible, its best use is for extending your perceived length of your play area slightly.


Ive not had a go with this version yet but from experience with manual redirected walking done by using the space turn feature of earlier advanced settings versions i can say this:

Initially it was a bit nauseating but now if i do longer walks, which effectively means continuously circling the perimeter of my 3.2x2.4m play space, i get dizzy from the turning in real life and not the turning of the virtual world anymore.

My guess is that as you say having the world turn in action games would be detrimental but for slower paced games focused around puzzles, exploration or social this may well be a super addition.

If you have a large play space then you could just keep walking and not use any ingame walk or teleport controls, except possibly for sections that change elevation.

Example by one of the devs of how manual redirected walking works for people that havnt heard about it before:

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