Onward on pimax

I have tried to run the Oculus version of Onward through latest pitools and performance is totally unusable (not measured but single digit FPS at best). System is i7 5820k, 1080ti, 16gb ram and latest win 10 with pitools Anyone managed to get this working acceptably and, if so, what settings etc? Or is steam version likely to run better/acceptably?

I was on Onward last night enjoying the wide FOV on my 5k+

I use the Steam version.
Latest Nvidia Drivers with a 1080ti.
Pitool 111
Pitool Quality setting 2
SteamVR resolution on auto which reduces to 20%

Runs great.


If only I had Vive lighthouses and controllersā€¦

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k, thanks - i might have to try the steam version to see. wide fov and higher res must be an advantageā€¦