Only one HDMI port and no other option for 2nd screen

Hello ! I just got my Pimax 4K,
and i’ve got a GTX-1080 EVGA FTW. this card got only 1 HDMI out, 3 display port and 1 DVI-D.
my computer screen is only HDMI, and i’ve got another one with only VGA (9pin oldschool)…
the problem : i need to have plugged in the headset AND the monitor to configure… and with only one HDMI…
is it a way i can set the headset with the monitor plugged in, and when i switch the whole windows desktop is viewable in the headset so i could manage to switch like that… but when i tried first time in extended mode i had only 1/8 of the desktop showed in one eye, another part of the desktop in the other eye, and both were 90° rotated… so i switched to Pimax mode, and then the headset got black screen (and the light went from blue to red) i then press long the power button on the headset, and it reset to a green light this time, but without any image.
i switch back to my monitor, and PiPlay was like everytime telling me the headset is not connected… (of course, one HDMI…)

any idea ?

This is a problem on just about all graphics cards.

You will need to as 1 reviewer said become an Apple user. Lol

Ok down to Options.

  1. DVI 2 HDMI
  2. DisplayPort 2 Hdmi adapter

I used option 2

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