Only one controller works at a time

Ran into this issue today and cant figure it out. Both controllers are updated and when one or the other is turned off can pair and work fine. But if I turn the other controller on it stays blue UNLESS I turn the first controller off, then it turns green and proceeds to work fine. Has anyone encountered this before? I am on Pitool 180 and the latest steamvr version(non-beta) and have reinstalled both and tried re-pairing my controllers. Also it is happening with both Vive wands and index controllers. I just dont get it, has anyone run into this before?

edit: OK so after restarting a few more times now I can get the vive wands to work, but my index controllers are going crazy now the hand model in game is alternating between left and right really fast and flashing on and off like a strobe…so awesome.

I get all sorts of issues with controllers , one pairs then the other seems to pair to the same side or will only pair if I turn the first off or I need to restart the controller or restart pitools or restart steam but not just with pimax headset although it does seem a bit worse than the vive pro , oddly the rock solid headset that i have controller wise is the og vive .
I’m contantly swapping 4 controllers between 3 headsets though so you could argue that I’m asking for trouble