Only 17 days later

Hi all,

I ordered my 5k+ on the 26th March I’m in the UK. No updates from pimax or the online system still at order confirmed.
Yesterday however I got a text from dpd and today only 17 days after my order I’m in possession of my 5k. I can only assume there’s a surplus in the UK Warehouse and new units were not needed to be shipped from China to meet my order.

Problem is I was expecting a couple of months lead time to await ryzen 3000 series as I have an antiquated i5 2500k and a HD7950.

Looking forward to 10fps in elite dangerous

P.s apologies for all those who waited/still waiting for so much longer


Congrats. Can see your dilenma. Which Gpu you looking at?

Since the radeon7 /vega64 sound like they have possible issues with pimax will likely be a 2080 with a ti at a push

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Hopefully they have the Amd gpus worked out better as it has been a bit hit n miss. Though I think tge Vega/Radeon7 might be faring better now but would need to hear from some whom have on that on how much improvement.

17 days? I’ve been waiting for my 8K for 526 days but whose counting.