One of those moments

Well, at long last I finally got my adapter, hook n loop tape, the Leap Motion run time (thank you, MR-Alex: download link ), and 30 seconds together so that I could try out the new hand tracking.
I was a bit disappointed! No hands! But I did have little circles, so a spent a moment or two playing with that then went back to these forums to read a bit more. It was puzzling me how you could have 50+ hands but no way to swap them. So I started looking a bit closer and you can guess what I found. So I selected the first one.
And jumped! They were close enough to my own hands that I was actually startled to see my hands! O. My. Gosh!!! I don’t have words for this!

Thank you, Martin!! This is even more epic than I ever expected! I’m glad that it took me this amount of time: the fact that you’ve got it dialed in so well is just freaking epic! Thank you!!!

ps: the ‘fov’ of my LeapMotion One is pretty poor, but it works! I can’t wait for the improved modules!!
is it here, yet? is it here, yet? is it here, yet?

Edit: and of course, I’ve got to get to work on a busy day with very little time to play. Amazing how life always works out that way. I’ll probably get my 8kX on a Monday, lol.

Edit2: Man, this will take some getting used to! I keep trying to move my head to move the pointers! Fun times!!!


So, will he put eyes in the PE as well if the eye tracker ever gets to work?


Haha lovely, thanks man!

The fact that you didn’t see your hands upon first start is now fixed in 0.40. I renamed the hand models since early version and forgot to change the default name :slight_smile:

Yep the new Leap Motion modules are 170 degrees FOV, fantastic stuff and so accurate!

I will ba back later :slight_smile:
Please try beta 0.40 it fixes the hands a little bit!



I just got the eye tracking Unity SDK and calibration from 7invensun today, so I will need some time to implement it, but yeah of course :slight_smile:


Having to work for it just gave it more impact! This is awesome, thank you, again!
Ver .4?! Dang, I can’t keep up, lol! Love it!


hope you get it to work because no one else seems to be able to get this 120hz super smooth performance improving unnoticeable hyper-effective dfr to work.


Just tried v.4. On startup, VR controllers were set as main controllers. I had to turn on my controller to switch it. I have no idea if this is normal or not, so I thought I’d mention it. Edit: All settings have been left at default at this time.

After switching to hands, I still had no hands, but I did have ‘circles’, same as before. Going into settings, I found that the first model was chosen, unlike before where it was blank. Re-choosing the first model brought my hands back and everything seems to work normally from there.

You know, this may have a rather dramatic, unexpected effect. I know some people with some really messed up hands, from old wrinkly skin to joints that look like walnuts. One girl, in particular, I’m thinking may go into tears to be able to see her old hands again… I doubt that I’ll have a chance to test this on her, but I’ll have to ask what she thinks.


I know… there are still working on it :frowning:

Interesting. I guess this shouldn’t be a problem for new users, where a new user profile is created. But did you ever save your settings on last session? I thought I had it fixed, I wonder what models you had “active” in user profile before you started 0.40…
Btw if hand tracking is saved as interaction mode, upon startup if no hand tracking hardware is found, it automatically changes to VR controller laser input.

Haha yeah VR is amazing in this regard. It can really make people to go back in time, kinda… :slight_smile:


Sorry to take so long: I did not try saving my settings. It doesn’t seem to like starting in ‘hand’ mode for me but I’ll give this more testing shortly…


You simply need to save settings (click save) after switching to hand tracking mode :slight_smile:

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Confirmed. Finally got a chance to click the dang ‘save’ button and confirm that, yes, it does keep the hand tracking as default.
I have no idea if this has anything to do with the scenario, but I was also dealing with a “poor usb” from the LeapMotion runtime at reboot. Corrected this morning. However, I was able to confirm last night that saving and then restarting PVRHome did make it start in ‘hand’ mode.


Great to hear, thanks for all your efforts man, much appreciated!