One horizontal Line in Right lense

Hello, I received my Pimax 5K + about a week ago and use it solely for iRacing right now, I have an issue where there is a single horizontal line in my HMD when running 90 hz and Huge FOV, it doesn’t go away with a service reboot or HMD reboot, any ideas on other troubleshooting steps I can take?


Have you submitted a support ticket?


Negative. If I do a reset and power it off it seems to go away, I have noticed that.

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Might be an idea to have this reported as a bug maybe @SweViver could assist with this.

Interesting. A few questions…

  1. Does this happen only in iRacing or also in SteamVR and other games or sims?
  2. Do you switch to Large FOV and 90Hz before starting iRacing or while being in the sim?
  3. Does this occur with Normal FOV?
  4. Do you have Parallel Projection on?
  5. FFR or Smart Smoothing?

If we cant solve the troubleshooting here, we might need to create a ticket, but lets start from here :slight_smile: it might be some minor thing only…


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  • Does this happen only in iRacing or also in SteamVR and other games or sims? It does not present itself in SteamVr, I have not played anything other than iRacing as far as games go.
  • Do you switch to Large FOV and 90Hz before starting iRacing or while being in the sim? I do not switch anything unless the Sim is completely closed out.
  • Does this occur with Normal FOV? Sometimes, a power cycle usually cures it but it sometimes comes back after switching sessions.
  • Do you have Parallel Projection on? I do
  • FFR or Smart Smoothing? Negative.
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Now I seem to be unable to stop this from happening, I’ve reset HMD and Service, changed USB ports, changed FOV and refresh rates, it will not go away at this time. Also, the image in the bottom half of the right lens does a horizontal shimmer now… constantly. It starts small but gets worse over time after any reset.

Definitely reccommend submitting a support ticket request.

Y’all don’t happen to think that not having a lighthouse/base station for tracking could have something to do with this, right? FYI, Ticket has been submitted.

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I don’t have LHes and haven’t xp’d that. Though not playing iracing either.

Thanks for the info. As you dont see the line in SteamVR, before submitting a ticket, I would still recommend you to try a few free VR games or experieces available on Steam, with same FOV and settings. There are also free simulators you could try such as DCS World and RaceRoom Racing Experience.

If you see this “line” in more than just iRacing, I would suspect its a hardware issue. But for now, its hard to tell why this happens, especially because you dont see it in SteamVR environment (which you should if it was a panel issue).



Love the customer service, emailed them on Friday, they requested a video of the defect, sent it on Monday, haven’t heard back. Not really interested in continuing to use it while the defect is present as it’s fairly distracting. Any ideas on how to solicit a response?

@Matthew.Xu @anon74848233 @SweViver

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Dear Simon,

How are you doing?

Would you please tell me the ticket number, I will let the technician help to solve your issue.

Thank you very much.

Yours sincerely,


#17159, thank you!!



So, to hijack this thread, I’ve got an issue which is faintly comparable - Pimax Support asked me about the GPU driver, firmware and PiTool versions, but when their suggestion to update the firmware/drivers didn’t resolve the issue they responded with the infamous “Oh, I just see you’re out of warranty; we can’t help you anymore but - wanna buy a new headset ?”…

Actually I am fairly relaxed - after all, this is the loaner unit, I am glad that I sold off my 5K+ last year which I actually owned… but it would be nice to be able to use the 8K (until I have to return it) now that I had to wait till a couple of weeks ago until I finally received the base stations from Pimax.

Actually it is two issues:

  1. There is a horizontal permanent banding, probably since PiTool updated the firmware the last time. I didn’t notice it immediatelly because in Elite Dangerous, which I played mostly, it is not as noticable due to the dark background in the game. You can see it on both eyes. The two pictures show it – this is actually when the 8K is not really showing any picture yet but these bands are also visible in the applications when being used:

  1. There is another issue which is that the picture can be good when I don’t move the head, but as soon as I start to move it, there will be horizontal lines:

It is difficult to capture it in a photo (I took screen shots from a video I made with my iPhone) - here I move my head:

While this is how it looks when it is still – no such lines.

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