OMG watch this guy play Visage in VR scary!


I bet he is not thinking about sde, blurriness, black levels


VISAGE? Fading to Grey? Really?



Lol! 2020202å2p2å2020

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A guy with color blindness can’t see any differences, when you use the vr for a long period you just don’t think about sde or others, you get used to it.

Same as videogames graphic, if you play 10y old vg you do say “what a shitty graphic!”, but 10y ago you would probably say “what a hastonishing graphic!”


That’s why it’s not a good idea to revisit the old games, let the golden memories stay as is

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Naaah, i’m feeling that revisiting old games in vr is much more golden because you don’t even bother about the old graphic but immersion! :Q


A few months ago, I played Quake (the original) for a while. I used an updated client and the game looked so much better than when I first played it. It had much higher resolution and framerates, colored lighting, transparent water, etc.

There’s a VR mod available, so I’ll probably try that at some point.


Stupid game for brain dead people :smirk:

Quakebro, awesome!
It was even big improvement from quake.exe to glquake.exe 20 years ago.

Yeah theres some custom graphics engines (source code has been released long ago) today. And there’s still active players in multi. Very skilled.


I’m using QuakeSpasm, which is very good.

Quake VR info: Quake VR | Rock Paper Shotgun

I have fond memories of playing it at 400x300 res, back when Quake was the first “real” 3D game. I’ve been feeling retro lately; I’ve also played the original Unreal. Those games look and play better now, than they did when I first played them. I think they would be even better in VR.


Edit. It was probably 320x240 though
This is getting too off topic, but

Neal, I’m exactly the same.
There’s an Unreal tournament (99) map I made back then, you can find it on the internet if you want to test. Found it myself after these years and made a short vid of it


Wtf is wrong with this guy? Overhyped fake crying like a baby when nothing has even ****ing happened yet, like in the progress room. I stopped watching.

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Maybe he is not used to VR
Not everyone got nerves of steel like you might have

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Oh man, i wish to play ut2004 in vr, it’s my favourite game

@Lillo Arena games are better than you think: ability, skills, accuracy, knowledge of the map, cooperation and much more, go play some bf little baby XD

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I’m pathetic with horror games too, to be fair so i shouldn’t be too harsh on this guy, but this dude is breaking down before anything has even happened, like in the progress room

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Not going to watch because I don’t want to spoil the game, but I didn’t think the VR support had been released yet. Did he say how he got the VR version working?

I know I’m gonna cry like a babygirl too.
I’ve tried only one horrogame demo with my dk1 in 2013 and it was the most basic 3d corridor to corridor walking simulator made with unity, so just a tiny spec of what’s it gonna be with pimax 5k+ OR pimax 8k and a proper game.

Dunno if Outlast supports VR, thatd be “interesting” to try.

I was only referring to that stupid horror game, bro :slight_smile:

I loved arena games tough, when I was younger I played UT2004 for years, was even nicely skilled at it I have to admit, and my nickname (not this one I use here) was somewhat known in the EU UT scene :sunglasses:


Sounds like challenge accepted!