OK, I have a fairly low IPD ...now what

OK, folks. I’m patiently awaiting hopefully something in PE that will help.

I used an app on my phone that not only gave me near and far IPD, but also a recommended VR IPD.
Very close to Far IPD. It was 58mm

I understand that the scroll wheel IPD adjustment on the 8KX will only go down so far.
So if it went to 60mm, would I then need to adjust my offset to +2 to compensate.

I believe that is how I understand it from my readings here. Yen, awhile back created that IPD chart thingy, would that still be helpful now we have PE? If so were would it go to utilize the chart, since some of the directories have changed.

Right now everything I have tried as suggested here, has not work for a clear comfortable image as of yet. again, I just want to enjoy this $1300 VR headset as everyone else.

Any further input appreciated. I still have hopes that Swevivver and Armin after bug fixes…will focus on IPD setup. Both, with and without eyetracking. I feel this is the most important thing to the headset. If you don’t have your IPD set properly, what good does adjusting other settings accomplish.



As far as I know you should try minus offset to ipd to make it 58 not plus as that adds value.

However ipd offset doesn’t work for me as 0 offset on ipd seems best for me.


Thanks Heliosurge. There was a thread, that said to do plus to llower the IPD. Hence my confusion.

Thank For clarifying


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