Oculus quest lol

I think oculus quest is just a smartphone inside the cockpit. -.-

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Technically so is the Pimax HMD as the panels are mobile phone panels. :wink:

We don’t know what chip the Quest uses yet. Could be a Tegra X1, a Snapdragon or something else. But It isn’t a mobile phone in a HMD like a Gear.

I also think it will sell very well. Better than the Rift if they can run games like The Climb and Robo Recall on it.at Rift Quality.

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In der Brille rechnet wie auch im Prototyp der Qualcomm-Prozessor 835.

English: In the Headset is just as like in the prototype a Qualcomm-835 Processor.

(Source: VRODO.de: https://vrodo.de/oculus-quest-facebook-stellt-neue-vr-brille-fuer-gamer-vor/)


Yup you are correct, not done my morning news hunt yet. So thanks for that. Snapdragon! hmmmm

Oculus told Gizmodo the Quest will have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor. That’s more powerful than the 821 found in the Go and the same processor found in Lenovo and Google’s Daydream headset, as well as smartphones like the Samsung S8.

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I’m wondering if this chip can manage vr and if can be upgraded in the time being

Not on it’s own. VR as we know it is very demanding. I would expect them to have other bespoke hardware to reduce the CPU load or it will be as you said, just like a mobile in a headset which is not the middle tier this HMD targets in the Oculus line-up. Also battery life might be shocking if the CPU does everything like tracking, graphics etc.

Oculus Go --> Oculus Quest --> Oculus Rift


Just read that the Snapdragon 835 is about twice the power of a PS3 in terms of computation. But when you split that across two panels with tracking, about the same. Maybe this is why they called it the Console to get away from the mobile name.

PS3 quality VR wireless and PC less would not be that bad but I assume it will take awhile to optimize for the hardware. I wonder if it has a fan in it.


looool a fan into the headset? That would be awesome to see

If you check out their porting lecture, you can see how limited the processsing power is, but at the same time how decent it can still look on ports of Rift games which were not exactly the most demanding anyhow:

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Yeah that’s a lot of optimization to get the draw calls down. I have done low poly work on games before and It really hampers the creative process when everything has a tiny budget to fit into. That actually put me off development for it.

And here we have it

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