Oculus Home Games EVE Valkyrie Support ?!

I found a thread that talk about OC home games support from the chinese BBS.
It seems somebody programed a third party tool, and play the Oculus Home Games, EVE Valkyrie , WoW

pls refer to below video link

I tried to find this tool, but not yet, Anybody else can provide?


Eve Valkery is coming to SteamVR later this year. Why don’t you buy it on Steam? Is Eve Valkery free on Occulus home? If it isn’t, I personally wouldn’t spend a dime on any Occulus Home games. Yes, hackers are bypassing Occulus DRM crap for now but you never know when that’s going to change: maybe never, maybe in a week. Do you really want to buy game from a store that may lock you out of your games one day? Also, why would you want to reward Oculus and their exclusive partners for such fascist behaviour by giving them your money?

If you get the Pimax work with SteamVR, you simply have to instal the revive plugin and that way you can play the Eve Valkyrie and other Oculus Games (I do it with a Razar HDK and works fine).

I hope to get my hands on the Pimax soon and do some tests :wink:

Put a video if you can! One of the users here was nice enough to put up a video but it was in german and I didn’t understand alot. :slight_smile:

Great! If you could make some tutorials, that would be nice:grin: